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Alain Delon, Nicolas Aznavour, Fanny Ardant, Juliette Binoche... are among the 120 personalities from the Art and media in France show call for the support of Artsakh and Armenia
120 personnalités du monde des arts appellent a soutenir l'Arménie et l'Artsakh DU MONDE DES ARTS APPELLENT À SOUTENIR L’ARMÉNIE ET L’ARTSAKH

📸 @Ambassade de l'Arménie en France

#jesoutienslarmenie #jesoutienslartsakh #ISupportArtsakh #IsupportArmenia

Denying, altering and falsifying History and the real facts about these centuries old #Cultural Heritage is a crime not only a forgery of the Past but also a crime committed against the future #generations.

This is the Yerits Mankants Monastery was established by the #Armenian family of Melik-Israelians, Lords of Jraberd
Falsifier et nier l'Histoire et les faits réels sur ces #patrimoines culturels vieux de plusieurs siècles est un #crime non uniquement contre le passé mais aussi un crime commis contre les générations futures.

Le monastère de Yerits Mankants a été fondé par la famille #armenienne des Melik-Israéliens, seigneurs de Jraberd.

📸 PeopleOfAr

#armeniansbuiltthis #ArmenianHeritage #stopculturalgenocide

These monasteries built by #Armenians at the cradle of Christianity are not only testimonials to the Armenian Culture... they are also here to depict the paths of civilizations.
Denying their #TRUE Story is a cultural genocide and an act of crime against World and Human Heritage.

Share and reshape so that the light of truth doesn't get eclipsed!

Ces monastères construits par les #Armeniens au berceau du christianisme ne sont pas seulement des témoignages de la culture arménienne ... ils sont aussi là pour dépeindre les chemins des civilisations.
Nier leur #véritable Histoire est un génocide culturel contre les Arméniens mais aussi un acte de crime contre le patrimoine mondial et humain.

📸 PeopleOfAr

#stopculturalgenocide #armeniansbuiltthis #ArmenianHeritage

🇫🇷 ⬇️
#Cultural artefacts, #Religious monuments and #Architectural treasures are the greatest testimonies that stood the test of time in order to proudly represent our #Armenian Identity and Heritage.
And #Artsakh is filled of them...
This is #Amaras monastery in Martuni founded by St. Gregory the Illuminator at the dawn of the fourth century. In 338 his grandson, St. Grigoris was buried here.

Les trésors d'architecturaux, religieux et culturels sont les plus forts témoignages qui ont résisté à l'épreuve du temps afin de démonstrer notre identité et notre patrimoine #Arméniens.
Et #Artsakh en est rempli ...

Il s'agit du monastère #Amaras fondé par saint Grégoire l'Illuminateur à l'aube du quatrième siècle. En 338, son petit-fils, St. Grigoris y fut enterré.

📸 PeopleOfAr

#armeniansbuiltthis #ArmenianHeritage #armenianculture

#Our 🇦🇲 Cultural #Heritage is our identity and a treasure we have carefully #preserved from generation to the next
Let's never stop posting and sharing these cultural gems passed to us by our #Armenian ancestors

This is #Davidank... founded by St. Dadi, a disciple of Thaddeus the Apostle who spread #Christianity in Eastern Armenia during the first century AD.
In 2007, the grave of St. Dadi was discovered under the holy altar of the main church.

📸 PeopleOfAr

#ArmenianHeritage #ArmenianCulture #Armeniansbuiltthis

🇦🇲 Armenians for centuries have been leaving their #Heritage in the region... Look around closely and you will be surprised by all the Art, Architecture and maserpieces made by non other than #Armenians.

👉For instance, did you know that the Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul, Turkey was designed by Garabet Balyan, an Armenian from a family famous for its many hugely acclaimed architects.

📣Yes, you heard it right...for the first time in 15 years, System Of A Down is back again with new music 😊❤

🇦🇲 Their 2 new releases “Protect The Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz'' about the serious war and aggression perpetrated on Artsakh and Armenia, express what millions of Armenians from around the world are carrying in their souls right now! 🇦🇲

👉You can purchase both songs on
🙌..and what's even more amazing is that band proceeds will go toward the ArmeniaFund
...Go to to download, pre-order, and donate now

👊Let's unify with SOAD to be all of us together the voice of Artsakh

Thank you Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Shavo Odadjian and John Dolmayan... you guys literally Rock

#ProtectTheLand #GenocidalHumanoidz #ArtsakhStrong #RecognizeArtsakh #PeaceForArmenia #SystemOfADown

❗New Updates 🛬 ❗
When entering Armenia, a person will be exempt from self-isolation if he/she submits the result of a negative coronavirus test that was conducted within 72 hours (with its respective documents in Armenian, Russian or English)

In case this negative result COVID-19 test is unavailable, the person shall take the test at the international airports or the land border crossing of Armenia and must self-isolate until a negative PCR test is obtained.
En entrant en Arménie, une personne sera dispensée de s'isoler si elle soumet le résultat d'un test de coronavirus négatif qui a été effectué dans les 72 heures (avec ses documents respectifs en arménien, russe ou anglais).
Dans le cas où ce test COVID-19 à résultat négatif n'est pas disponible, la personne doit passer le test dans les aéroports internationaux ou au poste frontière terrestre de l'Arménie et doit s'auto-isoler jusqu'à ce qu'un test PCR négatif soit obtenu.

🕊 An Armenian transforming symbols of war into messages of Peace...
Gyumri based artist Artak Tadevosian is taking the remains of sniper rifles, weapons, bullets and ammunition and turning them into fashion pieces.🙏
Always rising from darkness to spread light💪🇦🇲

Read the full article here

#ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong #peaceforArtsakh

📸 Amos Chapple (RFE/RL)

🇦🇲To remind us how #Armenians create Art and Beauty wherever they are...
This masterpiece of architecture, the Opera and Ballet Theater, is located in Baku, Azerbaijan and it was both commissioned and built by Armenians.
Commissioned by philanthropist Daniel Mailov and designed by architect Nikolai Bayev.

👉500 000 Armenians were living in Azerbaijan before the ethnic cleansing in 1988.

📸Thank you Invest in Armenia for reminding us about this building

#PeaceforArtsakh #RecognizeArtsakh

👊Let's all Rock for Artsakh TODAY❤🇦🇲
🎸🎶The much awaited concert is just a FEW HOURS AWAY!!

👇A mindblowing lineup of international artists, you don't want to miss !!

TODAY ⏰ 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern

Join via
🔗YOUTUBE live stream

#ArtistsforArtsakh #concertforpeace #RockforArtsakh

ONEArmenia • ArmeniaFund • AGBU • Creative Armenia

🇮🇹 A flash mob in Venice, Italy by 🇦🇲 Unione Talenti Armeni d'Italia calling for peace and an end to Turkish and Azerbaijani violence and aggression. #ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong

©️Credit: Vartivar Jaklian

History of Artsakh

📽A must Watch📽
Here is a fun and straight to the point video reminding us that #Artsakh has been a land of culture and Armenian Heritage 🇦🇲 for hundreds and hundreds of years.... as early as the 9th century !

Repost from AGBU
Credits: artsakhmagazine

#RecognizeArtsakh #ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong #PeaceforArmenians

🇦🇲❤Thanks for speaking from the heart Mr. Mel ....
😊A message from Hollywood actor and filmmaker, the one and only Mel Gibson that gave each and every Armenian goosebumps

#ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong #PeaceforArmenia

🇸🇾 🇦🇲 Even though still wounded themselves, our brothers and sisters in Syria, never ever cease to show their constant support.

❤️Sunday thousands of Armenian Syrians have held a demonstration and a public rally at the Aziziye district of Aleppo
📣Their Slogans , ''With Our Soldiers'', “Artsakh is Armenia,” “End of the Genocide,” “We will win'' definitely send waves of power to our soldiers and people of #Artsakh.

#peaceforArtsakh #PeaceForArmenians

📣So, who's excited for THIS WEDNESDAY?❤😎

🕊A concert for peace
🎶A mindblowing lineup of international artsits
🙌A proof of support, love and determination
...can it get any better ?

Our force is in our unity!
let's show some love to our brothers and sisters in #Artsakh 🇦🇲

👉RSVP here:
👉DONATE on Facebook:
👉DONATE on our website:
(all donations will be be generous😊)


ONEArmenia • ArmeniaFund • AGBU • Creative Armenia

🇦🇲Armenians protest in 🇫🇷 Paris today!
Manifestation à Paris aujourdhui!

🕊️ #PeaceforArmenians #ArtsakhStrong

Save the date : 🥁October 28th🥁
Don't miss this very special online concert event supporting the humanitarian response in Artsakh.

🎼🎤The event will be streaming online worldwide with performances by Tigran Hamasyan, Serj Tankian, Sebu, Tom Morello and many more

📣 Your support to the people of Artsakh is essential 👇
Follow this link to donate

📣 RSVP for Artists for Artsakh 👇

All donations will be matched by ONEArmenia and sent directly to ArmeniaFund be generous 🥰

A sight to warm your hearts...😊

🕊Today, the bells of St. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in #Shushi were ringing to bless the union of #Artsakh defense army private Avanes and his bride Mariam.

⛪This is the white cathedral which was deliberately shelled by Azerbaijani forces 16 days, but once again Armenians demonstrate that their strong faith and determination is their driving force

Warmest wishes to the newlyweds ❤

#Artsakhstrong #Armeniastrong

‼️ Art folks, your contribution is needed ‼️ 🖊🎥📸🎤

📢 Here is the latest message from #Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt regarding the hitRECord project about #Armenia 🇦🇲

''... looking for writers, voice actors, photographers, and artists of all kinds:

Check out the prompts, contribute to a few, and then look through others' contributions and add a 'heart' to your favorites.

Photo of Haghartsin Monastery by @starlitskye ''

🇫🇷 🇸🇦 👇
🇺🇸‼ ️You can now directly pass a laboratory performed #PCR sampling for COVID-19 while you're still at the Zvartnots International Airport thanks to the sampling spots located in the Arrival Hall of the Airport.

✈️ Once you land in #Armenia, you have the option of either choosing self isolation for a period of 14 days or getting a PRC test which in case of a negative result will allow you to break the mandatory self-isolation period.

🇫🇷‼ ️ Maintenant vous pouvez directement passer un échantillonnage #PCR pour COVID-19 pendant que vous êtes encore à Zvartnots International Airport grâce aux points d'échantillonnage situés dans le hall d'arrivée de l'aéroport.

✈️ Une fois que vous avez atterri en #Armenia, vous avez la possibilité de choisir l'auto-isolement pour une période de 14 jours ou de passer un test PRC qui, en cas de résultat négatif, vous permettra de briser la période d'auto-isolement obligatoire.

‼ ️ 🇸🇦 يمكنك الآن اجراء فحص #PCR لـ COVID-19 بينما لا تزال في مطار زفارتنوتس الدولي بفضل نقاط أخذ العينات الموجودة في صالة الوصول بالمطار.

✈️ بمجرد وصولك إلى #ارمينيا ، لديك خيار إما اختيار العزلة الذاتية لمدة 14 يومًا أواجراء اختبار PRC والذي في حالة وجود نتيجة سلبية سيسمح لك بكسر فترة العزلة الذاتية الإلزامية

Stop Azerbaijani Aggression. Paren la agresión azerí.

🇦🇲💪Our strength lies in our unity and devotion for our Motherland and Hovik Keuchkerian is a another proof of that.

Pure 7 minutes of resonating and powerful words by the Armenian-Spanish actor, you most probably know best as Bogotá from La Casa de Papel

❤️ ''the Armenians are fighting once again for survival... and we will never give up''

Azerbaiyán está atacando Artsaj y la comunidad internacional no puede quedarse de brazos cruzados ante esta agresión. Es momento de actuar y proteger a la po...

Armenia is calling for you

🇦🇲 When you visit #Armenia, a part of it will remain with you forever.
But today, this land is in pain

Since September 27th, which is remarkably the World #Tourism Day, a piece of Armenia, the land of #Artsakh including civilians, are being attacked mercilessly by Azerbaijan forces with direct involvement of Turkey and pro-Turkish foreign terrorist fighters.

Cultural assets are being deliberately destroyed in an attempt of wiping out the Armenian #Heritage of countless centuries.

🕊Until we meet again in Armenia when peace and justice prevail once again.
Looking forward to the day when we can welcome you, victorious, and even though still wounded, with a genuine smile from the heart.♥

#NKpeace #ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong

Artsakh Travel

‼️BREAKING: The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan have agreed to a humanitarian truce as of October 18th, 00h00 local time.

🤞Hoping for a 🕊️ lasting peace that will finally prevail on our beautiful land Artsakh #NKpeace


📸 Areg Balayan

Serj Tankian

🎶♥Such a touching performance by world renowned opera singer Montserrat Caballé of the composition “Habanera” by Vangelis.

🇦🇲A reflection of her emotional visit to #Armenia and #Artsakh in 2013 and 2014.
1700 years of #Christian History shown in monasteries all over the country has certainly left this legendary artist quite in awe and full of inspiration

This recording has been produced for a special album titled “The Island of Christianity: Armenia and Artsakh"

Thank you for this #masterpiece and thanks Serj Tankian for sharing this amazing footage.

#NKpeace #artsakhstrong #artsakh #peaceforartsakh #peaceforarmenians #montserratcaballe

As a complimentary post to the video for "Krunk", I wanted to share with you a video of legendary opera singer Montserrat Caballé expressing her feelings about her visit to Armenia and Artsakh in 2013 and 2014, where she visited many historic monasteries throughout the countries as an homage to the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity by the Armenian people.

This video is set to a recording of a performance by her of the composition “Habanera” by Vangelis. The recording is also part of an exclusive collection of studio recordings and videos that have been produced for a special album titled “The Island of Christianity: Armenia and Artsakh"
#artsakhstrong #artsakh #peaceforartsakh #peaceforarmenians #stopazerbaijansaggression #komitas #krunk #armenia #armenianmonastery #montserratcaballe

-- 🇫🇷 🇱🇧 ⬇️

🙌 When they try to destroy us we answer by rebuilding.
🙌 When they attack us we rise back again stronger than ever.

The Ghazanchetsots (Holy Savior) Cathedral which has been targeted and attacked twice by Azerbaijan, today is tidied up thanks to the efforts of volunteers.

Our faith is strong, our determination is powerful 🇦🇲

La cathédrale Ghazanchetsots (Saint-Sauveur) qui a été attaquée à deux reprises par l'Azerbaïdjan, est aujourd'hui rangée grâce aux efforts de volontaires.

Notre foi est forte, notre détermination est puissante 🙌
تم تنظيم كاتدرائية غزانتشوتس (المخلص المقدس) التي تعرضت للاستهداف والهجوم مرتين من قبل أذربيجان ، اليوم بفضل جهود المتطوعين.

إيماننا قوي وتصميمنا قوي🙌
#NKpeace #ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong

PLAY to STAY teaser

📣🎶🇦🇲Happening NOW

Are you joining? 👇👇👇

Beneficial Concert for Artsakh ♥

This Thursday you'll have the opportunity to do a number of things: 1. Expose yourself (and others) to an amazingly TALENTED Armenian musician. 2. SHARE this...

🇮🇹🤝🇦🇲 Grazie Mille
Great words by the former deputy PM of Italy Matteo Salvini, standing by #Artsakh & #Armenia and urging the EU to do so as well♥

What he wrote 👇

"We must not forget the suffering and destruction that a people close to us is experiencing and of which very little is spoken. In Rome today I brought my support and that of the League for the right to existence and peace of the Armenians. They were the first to experience the horror of genocide and are now persecuted in #NagornoKarabakh. If the EU makes sense, defend these brothers, the outpost of European civilization in the Middle East and the Caucasus."

#ArtsakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong

Non dobbiamo dimenticare la sofferenza e la distruzione che sta vivendo un popolo a noi vicino e di cui si parla pochissimo. A Roma ho portato oggi il sostegno mio e della Lega per il diritto all'esistenza e alla pace degli armeni. Per primi conobbero l’orrore del genocidio e sono oggi perseguitati in #NagornoKarabakh. Se l’UE ha senso, difenda questi fratelli, avamposto della Civiltà Europea in Medio Oriente e nel Caucaso.


Armenia is an open air museum, where you can walk through time and experience living history. It is a land of enchantment, with untouched awe-inspiring nature, and seven climate zones, each offering a different topography. Each city is a museum in and of itself, with ancient relics, old and new architecture, churches dating back thousands of years, and heritage and culture that fuse the past with the present. ​

Armenia – A modern country connecting East to West with an ancient history spanning across thousands of years. ​It is a land rich with cultural heritage and traditions that have evolved to fit the modern age and are still celebrated today. ​

Armenia has an astounding array of landscapes within its borders, including seven geographic zones, from deserts and semi-deserts to alpine and subalpine meadows. Armenia can kick up your adrenaline with steep routes and off-road riding along its valleys. It can also be a place of relaxation with mountain resorts and therapeutic for more.

​Once in the capital, Armenia becomes your favourite refreshment with a splash of vibrant nightlife, live music, art, cafes and jazz clubs that jam until dawn. In the streets you will find works of the best artists in the modern world – from massive sculptures in parks to the brilliant creations of contemporary painters, ceramists and jewelers at flea markets. ​​

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History of Artsakh
Armenia is calling for you
Anahit Atoyan's knit characters
Batik Making - Azatuhi & Anna Stepanyan
Live|Traveling Armenia & Beyond Post Covid-19
Live with Silvia Schmid: "111 reasons to love Armenia”
Dream Armenia #TravelTomorrow
#TogetherAtHome Discover Armenia through Music


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