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Destination Caraïbes vous propose un concept différent... Loin des hôtels et de leurs tourisme de masse, notre équipe vous accueille à Punta Cana en République Dominicaine dans nos Villas & Appartements résidentiels. Dès votre arrivée à l'aéroport, vous serez pris en charge et ce pour toute la durée de votre séjour Associant assistance, hébergement, services personnalisés et un grand panel d'excursions, Tous les éléments sont réunis pour passer d'agréables vacances. Accueil et assistance à l’aéroport Hébergement (Villas ou Appartements) Services (Cuisinier, Agent de ménage ...Etc.) Sorties (Restaurant, Discothèques…) Excursions (+ de 15 excursions proposées) Divers transferts ( courses, shopping..etc )

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Merry Christmas !
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Merry Christmas ! #caribbeandestination

Los Haitises National Park ! #excursions

Ride in our comfortable buses with a certificated guide to Sabana de la Mar. Enjoy the amazing views that Anamuya’s mountain range has to offer. Later, board our speedboat at Sabana de la Mar that will take us through the incredible mangroves in the area. Later enjoy a delicious typical dominican lunch in a magical place called Caño Hondo and enjoy free time to relax and swim in the clear natural waters.

What to expect
An opportunity to discover this Caribbean oasis, home to untouched mangrove forests, Taino cave drawings, secluded beaches, pirate hideouts and a grand diversity of endemic flora and fauna as a VIP traveler, in a fun full day excursion from Punta Cana.

Why choose
Nature lovers will never forget the rich flora and fauna and the beauty of the locations encountered while on this tour.

-This Caribbean oasis is home to untouched mangrove forests a grand diversity of endemic flora and fauna.

-Taino cave drawings, secluded beaches and pirate hideouts are some of the treasures that await for you on this excursion.

-Ecotourism at its best!

-Enjoy a boat ride through the pristine mangrove.

-Enjoy a delicious typical dominican lunch.

Zip Lines PUNTA CANA #excursions

This course consists of 18 platforms and 12 Zip Lines including the 2 longest lines in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean stretched across the length of the mountain range throughout 2 kilometers. You will be safely attached with climbing gear to the double line cables with the longest one being 800 meters long!

What to expect
Our expert canopy guides will teach you all you need to know about the ride and the equipment.
You will be transferred to the Welcome Center, where a safety briefing will be conducted until reaching the first platform, and then be ready to face the challenge of “flying” from one platform to another.

Why choose
The longest Zip Lines in the Dominican Republic and the only one in the country with a side-by-side cable. Certified yearly by ACCT.

Visit one of the longest zip lines in the Caribbean, and the lengthiest in the Dominican Republic. Sway across distances as you’re suspended up to 800 meters in mid-air.
Landscapes come undone on your quest to find the hidden treasure resting inside Anamuya Mountain.
Stunning 18 platforms and 12 zip lines, spread across a lush tropical mountain range. Experience an unrivalled frenzy gliding skin deep across lavish jungle vegetation.

Bavaro Runners Safari ! #excursions

Camera in hands, get ready to capture unbelievable panoramas and typical Dominican villages, visit the largest and most important church, on the road you will see schools and famous ’’colmado’’. Drive across sugar cane and rice plantations. Learn why and how Spanish brought sugar cane culture in this island and the economic impact. See how they used a ’’trapiche’’ - wheel grinder pulled by oxen to extract the syrup of sugar cane. Ride our truck through the Anamuya mountain and have direct contact with the day to day life in the countryside.

What to expect
A fun filled day where you will get to inmerse yourself in the Domincan Culture guided by the friendliest staff. Horseback ride, try fresh sugar cane juice, learn how cigars are rolled, be welcomed at a Dominican house, have a delicious typical lunch and end your day in one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Why choose
The original countryside safari in Punta Cana! Runners Adventures have been offering this unforgettable experience for the past 20 years.

-Feel as your hair is swept away by the strong wind while galloping across amazing vistas, all leading to gorgeous countryside landscapes.

-Frolic amid gigantic sugar cane fields. Go back in time and witness the traditional way of plowing the crop, evidence its transformation from cane juice to the best Dominican rum.

-Master craftsmen will show you the proper way of rolling a cigar. Learn how this blessed land has produced the best tobacco.

-A typical Dominican family will welcome you into their home. Learn about new customs. Seduce your palate with exotic tropical flavors.

-Sign up for a lunch-buffet. An alluring gastronomic experience, where dishes created in America blend with their African roots.

-Try Boogie-boarding at the beautiful beach of Macao.

-Visit the largest and most important church in the country

MonkeyLand PUNTA CANA #excursions

We begin the tour with the visit of a typical country house to mingle with Dominicans and learn how to live off the land and their organic products. There, have the opportunity to try new exotic Caribbean fruits, roasted coffee and cocoa.
Start the second part of the tour coming to our beautiful botanical garden, where you will learn about native plants and flowers of the island.

The next 45 minutes were occupied for a guided tour that allows you to interact in close proximity to our beautiful and friendly squirrel monkeys at Monkeyland.
These charming and intelligent monkeys have been formed by a Canadian couple with 35 years of experience working with animals, including 12 years at the Toronto Zoo to teaching monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of humans.

This tour is based on 5 acres of a beautiful piece of land that monkeys have made their home.
The monkeys are completely accustomed to human contact.
They come down from the trees to sit on your shoulder and eat from your hands. Beware …. love all things bright and interesting!
Little monkeys loves to pose for the cameras and probably will sit, and if allowed, see themselves in your camera. Adorable!
Come share an unforgettable experience!

Saona Island #excursions

Caribbean Destination

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Dolphin Explorer Punta Cana ! #EXCURSIONS

Immerse yourself in the amazing experience of swimming with dolphins while you are having your holidays in Punta Cana. ______________________________________...

Caribbean Destination

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Caribbean Destination

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Nagez Avec Les Dauphins !!! Et les Requins !!

dolphin explorer punta cana dolphin cruiser punta cana - Accueil

Visitez Notre Site WEB ! Destination Caraïbes vous propose un concept différent... Loin des hôtels et de leurs tourisme de masse, notre équipe vous accueille à Punta Cana en République Dominicaine dans nos Villas & Appartements résidentiels. Dès votre arrivée à l'aéroport, vous serez pris en charge et ce pour toute...

Los Haitises


Campaña de Publicidad Nacional de Turismo Interno. "Turismo para Todos" 2010. Ministerio de Turismo de Republica Dominicana



Los Corales Punta Cana

Présentation du Complexe Los Corales + Visite de 2 de nos Villas

Excursion parachute ascentionnel Punta Cana


Carte Opodo : financez vos vacances, bénéficiez de promos sur les billets d'avion et les séjours Payez votre voyage en plusieurs fois avec la Carte Opodo, étalez ou reportez le paiement de votre séjours ou de votre billet davion et bénéficiez de nombreux avantages liés à la carte Opodo.

Destination Caraïbes - Localisation La République dominicaine occupe les deux tiers est de l'île d'Hispaniola, île qu'elle partage avec la République d'Haïti. Hispaniola est la seconde île des Caraïbes par la taille. La République dominicaine possède une superficie de 48 198 km². Elle est située au cœur des Caraïbes, bordée par l'Océa...

La République Dominicaine



From the airport till your room throw the excursions we take care of everything ! CARIBBEAN DESTINATION your travel assistant in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ! Airport Private Transfer, Vacation rentals, Excursions, Rent car, Boat privatization ..

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