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Hej, Jeg hedder Kari Denne side repræsenterer mit liv og ting jeg kan lide at gøre, rejser rundt, fotografering, videoredigering, vlogging, og m.m. Du er velkommen til at trykke 'Like' hvis du er interesseret. ... men jeg lover ikke at post hver dag.

Finally I graduated👨🏻‍🎓🇬🇱
Now I’m educated on service, hospitality & tourism Management 🙏🏼 I’m so happy and very thankful for my friends and family, teachers, also to my classmates which has always been there for me throughout entire education♥️ it's a bit unreal that we're done even during pandemic, it has just shown us that anything is possible if you work hard enough to accomplish what you want🙏🏼
Also I want to say thank you for the @guidetogreenland, for being there for me during my first internship.
The best is yet to come💪🏼
@ Qaqortoq

Ilulissat📍The land of Icebergs💙

The largest collection of icebergs in Greenland exists at the Ilulissat Icefjord💙🇬🇱
Now the fact that 90% of ice remains below and 10% above water that they are too tall to float down the fjord and lie stuck on the bottom😨🤯
Seeing fishermen around the big icebergs makes me anxious yet fascinating🥵🤩

Two future greenlandic sled dogs hiding from the sun cuties😍🌤
Sled dogs territory is in towns above the Arctic Circle on Greenland’s west coast and in all towns on the east coast🇬🇱
I was so excited to see and smell again of Greenlandic dogs that some of people do not think it is pleasant, but for me, since I grew up in North Greenland and moved to the South, I think the smell of Greenlandic dogs bring back some memories🥰❤️

Kiisami assilerusutannik iluatitsigama🐳🤩🙏🏼

Whale watching among big icebergs - an unforgettable experience🐋🇬🇱🤩 As some of you may know that I really want to see a whale this summer and take a lot of pics and now my dream fulfilled!!😍💙 I’ve seen different whales, but when I start photographing, I get really excited to see whales🐳💙 I look forward to next tour😍

Whale watching among big icebergs - an unforgettable experience🐋🇬🇱🤩 As some of you may know that I really want to see a whale this summer and take a lot of pics and now my dream fulfilled!!😍💙 I’ve seen different whales, but when I start photographing, I get really excited to see whales🐳💙 I look forward to next tour😍

Helicopter ride from Narsarsuaq to Qaqortoq🚁🏞 Narsarsuaq area is one of my favorite, beautiful landscapes and very colorful🌈❤️
We get a chance to choose from boat or helicopter transport and we were lucky enough to have a seat in the helicopter😍 I was hoping it would last longer but awesome ride! 🚁

It feels like we found a secret hidden place😍 this place is so beautiful, breathtaking view!🤩 We were exploring the Narsarsuaq area while we rented bikes for two hours and no REGRETS!😍🌍

Asavara❤️ Happy birthday my love❤️🇬🇱 from the moment I met you I knew that I wanted to share my life with you🥺 I am so happy that I have you in my life❤️ You are a loving, kind, and caring man TRULY! You have always been there for me, I have no words to express the love that we share but I know I am indeed the luckiest guy in the world, as I have the best man in the whole world🌍❤️
Asavakkit assorujuk inuuinni pilluarit😘❤️

Distance signs at Kangerlussuaq Airport🇬🇱
Every time I see the sign I always check the distance to other countries but I have never noticed that the north pole is the closest even though I live in the arctic🙈😂
And thanks to @ottosen_betty wanted to be in the picture❤️

Zion church in Ilulissat (North Greenland)🇬🇱
Finally I got a chance to see the well known church in Greenland, and I really love the arctic cottongrass flowers😍 “Ukaliusaq” in greenlandic❤️

Thalassophile (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean🌊
Us as Inuit had lived in the Arctic for many years, the sea is very important to us❤️
Our ancestors respected the land they lived in, we used to believed in SILA, meaning; the weather or the air. They believed that everything such as rocks and flowers had spirits🤍

Narsaq, Greenland🇬🇱♥️
In Narsaq you will notice that local people appreciate closeness with nature and consider it as one of the town’s core values❤️🏞

The Greenlandic national clothing for women🇬🇱♥️
There are different types of National outfits, you can tell by looking at someones national clothes, which part of Greenland they come from😃 That means these to women are wearing West Greenlandic clothing🇬🇱 and the brightness of the red color means they are adult women.

this picture taken in Greenland's National Day🇬🇱♥️
I really love this picture because you can see houses have Greenland flags and very colourful🌈🇬🇱
Do you have any favorite National Day picture?
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Narsarmiutaq(Lapland Bunting).
Can be seen in Greenland from May to September ❤️
Me and my friend surprised that the cute bird was so close to us and not afraid of us, so cute😍
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Remember to use #ExplorersbyNature and #NunarputNuan to share your experiences in Southgreenland🇬🇱♥️

Husk at bruge #ExplorersbyNature og #NunarputNuan for at dele dine oplevelser I Sydgrønland♥️🇬🇱

Today is our national day🇬🇱🙌🏼❤️
June 21st is Greenland’s National Day🇬🇱 raised here in Greenland, I am always looking forward to this day, there always music, lots of food, events, but this year is a little bit different because of Covid-19, and that doesn't stop us from having a national day and having fun💪🏼❤️🇬🇱
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Guide to Greenland thanks for sharing my pic❤️🇬🇱

Do you do you know the feeling of missing the sight of icebergs? #guidetogreenland
Thanks for sharing @notes_from_greenland 📸
#travelguidegreenland #exploregreenland #arctic #greenland #groenlandia #southgreenland #icebergs #greenlandicefjord #purplesky #longingfortravel #visitsouthgreenland #greenlandicebergs

I am soon to graduate from school as a tourism management, before graduation, I have an assignment about tourist company here in Greenland and I am stressing about it... but today I go for a walk, to clear my head, now I’m in between “I can’t do it but at the same time, I got this💪🏼”

Since summer is finally here, most people who love football don't care what the weather is like☔️⚽️
When I was in Paamiut to have staycation it was raining and when I travel back to Qaqortoq it was raining too...🌧 I'm so pale😂 I need a sun and vitamin D🙏🏼😂

Football field⚽️🥅 One of the reasons why we excited for the summer here in Greenland is finally here🤩 Although Greenland is covered in snow for almost eight months, people are always dedicated to football🇬🇱
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Beautiful town called Qaqortoq📍 if you think it’s little bit difficult to say it, just say “Crack A Duck” 🙈😂 That’s what I start introducing when I guiding 😎🤓
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As we go for a walk with one of my friend, i can’t remember how many benches we sit on but this one is the WINNER!!🤩🙏🏼 look at this picture and the view!!😍 Sometimes it is a bit unrealistic to think about living here in the most beautiful town❤️🇬🇱

one of the top to-do list while visiting Greenland, sailing in the fjords, fishing, whale watching, one of my favorites for sure!🙏🏼 for a little more unforgettable, iceberg sightseeing🤩

I wish I could show how high the iceberg is😍 as we passed this great iceberg, I was a little nervous and excited at the same time, it looks like it can collapse anytime soon😱

Very cute Snow Bunting couple birds🥺
In greenlandic Qupaloraarsuk🥰 The male is completely white with black on the upper side, whereas the female is gray with dark brown striped back and white underside.
The very cute couple made a nest, to get ready to lay small eggs🥰

Everywhere in Greenland, you can go on spectacular sailing trips to see the Ice sheet and glaciers, whale safari and more 🤩💙
Go on a boat trip where huge icebergs float nearby on the water and hear the waves🌊🇬🇱

I am very happy to have a brother who is a fisherman who always allows me to sail with him when I start to miss the ocean and sail🛥🌊
Always gives me opportunity to explore his fisherman's world🎣
GREENLAND LOCATION | Alluitsup Paa🇬🇱📍🌍

Icebergs are in countless different shapes and sizes, in South Greenland where I live right now, are often smaller than those in the North Greenland🇬🇱

Thanks for sharing my pic 📸
Guide to Greenland 💙🇬🇱🌈

Spring has arrived in Qaqortoq, which means melting snow, longer days and brighter nights 🇬🇱 #guidetogreenland
Thanks for sharing @notes_from_greenland 📸
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I remember when I was little, we used to play around in icebergs and of course we always tried to be safe (kinda) it's always so much fun and joy 😍😭
This is one of the childhoods of growing up here in Greenland🇬🇱❤️

Narsaq is the town in South Greenland also youngest town, founded as late as in 1959 🇬🇱 Narsaq situated in a fjord system, and in the background you can see the inland ice 😱 you may at first think that some strange clouds, but it is inland ice (Covers approx. 80% of Greenland) 🇬🇱

I always forget this picture to put it, captured this sunset foggy moment from my room🧡🇬🇱 I’m such a “look at the sky” type of person 👀🥺

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow🧡🌤
Spring is an intense period in Greenland, you can see how the winter snows melts away, the days get longer, the nights are brighter🌞♥️🇬🇱

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