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this Kilimanjaro mount map. Welcome you climb to Tanzania.

Great Migration Camps

Serengeti wait for you

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Lake Manyara National Park is a fantastic place to see Africa’s most iconic animals from massive elephants and cape buffalo to the famous tree-climbing lions who call the park home.

A day trip to #LakeManyaraNationalPark is an exciting chance to get a feel for the real African safari experience. Lake Manyara National Park.

7 Day Rongai Route Itinerary: The Rongai route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, close to the Kenyan border.

DAY 1: Rongai Gate to Rongai Cave
DAY 2: Second Cave to Kikelewa Cave
DAY 3: Kikelewa Cave to Mawenzi Tarn
DAY 4: Mawenzi Tarn to Mawenzi Ridge
DAY 5: Marwenzi Tarn to Kibo Hut
DAY 6: Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak
DAY 7: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate
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Sunset in the Serengeti National Park

If there's one thing Africa does better than anywhere else in the world, it's wildlife and there are few wildlife experiences that can beat the undiluted thrill of a face-to-face encounter with a member of Africa's Big 5.

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Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania.

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Many trekkers arrive at Mount Kilimanjaro dreaming of a grand wilderness adventure on the world’s tallest freestanding mountain.

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Zanzibar Beach Holidays - There are some fabulous beaches on the islands of Zanzibar, and many choices for an ideal spot to sit back and watch the white dhow sails cruising the startling blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

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Welcome to Lake Manyara National Park well known for the tree climbing lions, the soda ash lake and its flamingos, we are talking about breathtaking scenery! This travel guide offers you the most updated information about the attractions, lodges, getting there and so much more. Enjoy your safari in Tanzania.

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#TarangireNationalPark is a lovely, quiet park in #NorthernTanzania. It is most famous for its elephant migration, birding, and authentic safari atmosphere.

Arusha National Park: It is a popular destination for day trip visitors who are about to embark from the town of Arusha on longer northern circuit safaris. The small national park includes the slopes, summit, and ash cone of Mt. Meru, the Momela Lakes, Ngurdoto Crater, and the lush highland forests that blanket its lower slopes.

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Ngorongoro Crater safaris are however truly unforgettable. The Crater is justly famous as being home to perhaps the most concentrated density of wildlife in Africa and offers some of the easiest Big 5 game viewing available.
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Mikumi is home for buffalo, elephants, lions, giraffes, pythons, zebras, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, impalas and many species of birds. The tour starts at Dar es salaam and ends up at Dar es salaam as well.
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4 Day Safari Lake Manyara – Serengeti Plains – Ngorogoro Crater

Our 4-day Tanzania safaris, tours, travel and trekking packages, specifically include the Serengeti National Park and the world famous Serengeti plains.

You will experience the excitement of an African wildlife safari to some of the most spectacular national game parks in East Africa, all teeming with wildlife animals.

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"Oldoinyo Lengai" 🏔means “The Mountain of God” 🏔in the Maasai language. It is located in northern Tanzania lying just south of Lake Natron in the Rift Valley, in the heart of Maasai country, and locally regarded as a sacred mountain.

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Join one of our guided #TanzaniaGroupSafaris where you will be grouped with fellow travelers. We operate a range of group safaris for a more sociable Africa experience.

This makes your Tanzania safaris adventure more affordable and you will spend a great time with like-minded travelers. There set departure dates with weekly departures for all different itineraries.
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"Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability."

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Extended series in celebration of the newborn baby Elephant. 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

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Mount Meru is the second highest mountain in Tanzania and often used as a warm- up climb in preparation for Kilimanjaro.
Enjoy our 3 Days Mount Meru Climbing with Itrip
Day 1 Arusha - Momella Gate (1500m) - Miriakamba Hut (2500m)
Day 2 Miriakamba Hut (2500m) - Saddle Hut (3550m)
Day 3 Saddle Hut - Socialist Peak (4562m) - Miriakamba Hut (2500m)
Day 4 Miriakamba Hut (2500m) - Momella Gate (1500m)

Mt. Kilimanjaro has beckoned to climbers since the first recorded summit in 1889. Here are 10 interesting facts to help inspire your own future summit:
1. Approximately 25,000 people attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro annually. Approximately two-thirds are successful. Altitude-related problems are the most common reason climbers turn back.

2. South African Bernard Goosen twice scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair. His first summit, in 2003, took nine days; his second, four years later, took only six. Born with cerebral palsy, Goosen used a modified wheelchair, mostly without assistance, to climb the mountain.

3. Shamsa Mwangunga, National Resources and Tourism minister of Tanzania, announced in 2008 that 4.8 million indigenous trees will be planted around the base of the mountain, helping prevent soil erosion and protect water sources.

4. The mountain’s snow caps are diminishing, having lost more than 80 percent of their mass since 1912. In fact, they may be completely ice-free within the next 20 years, according to scientists.

5. The fasted verified ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro occurred in 2001 when Italian Bruno Brunod summitted Uhuru Peak in 5 hours 38 minutes 40 seconds. The fastest roundtrip was accomplished in 2004 when local guide Simon Mtuy went up and down the mountain at 8:27.

6. Almost every kind of ecological system is found on the mountain: cultivated land, rain forest, heath, moorland, alpine desert, and an arctic summit.

7. The oldest person ever to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro was 87-year-old Frenchman Valtee Daniel.

8. Nearly every climber who has summitted Uhuru Peak, the highest summit on Kibo’s crater rim, has recorded his or her thoughts about the accomplishment in a book stored in a wooden box at the top.

9. Kilimanjaro has three volcanic cones, Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo. Mawenzi and Shira are extinct but Kibo, the highest peak, is dormant and could erupt again. The most recent activity was about 200 years ago; the last major eruption was 360,000 years ago.

10. Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Discovery Africa

Tanzania Safari: Is a breath taking natural wonder, featuring one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa and offering some of the easiest and most rewarding game viewing in Tanzania.
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Tanzania Safari Tours: Enjoy amazing wildlife, up close and personal. All our Tanzania safari tours are shaped to suit your budget and taste for adventure. Find your perfect tour within minutes. Best price guaranteed.
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Zanzibar Beach Holiday: The beaches are often stunning, with powdery white sand, shaded by palm trees. The sea is shallow, but venture further out into the sparkling, turquoise water and you'll find coral reefs for great snorkeling and diving.

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Whether it's your first #AfricanTour, we are here to guide you every step of the way ensuring that your experience is a memorable one.
We offer the most diverse range of tours available, and all our tour packages can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Migration in Ndutu, Ngorongoro conservation, welcome you come to safari .

Hello, everyone, we have new group on 25 Jan 2020 for 7 days safari:
Day1, on 25 Jan,arrived in Kilimanjaro airport, we meet airport and drop off you to hotel, stay Palace hotel full night and dinner in hotel
Day2,on 26 Jan, pick up you go to Tarangire park, full day game drive. And stay Tarangire simba lodge full night and dinner in hotel. Lunch is lunch box
Day3,on 27 Jan, pick you go to lake mayanra from hotel, full day game drive. And stay Lake mayanra wildlife lodge full night and dinner in hotel. Lunch is lunch box
Day4,on 28 Jan, pick up you go to Serengeti Ndutu area, you will see migration if you have enough lucky.stay Ndutu acacia tented camp over night and dinner in hotel
Day5,on 29 Jan, pick up you go to Serengeti center area game drive full day, stay Serengeti wildebeest tented camp over night and dinner in camp
Day 6,on 30 Jan, pick up you go to Ngorongoro crater direct from Serengeti, full day game drive in crater, about 16:40pm back to Arusha city, stay Palace hotel overnight and dinner in hotel.
Day 7, on 31 Jan, walk around the Kilimanjaro mountain outside , after lunch drop off you to Kilimanjaro airport
End off your trip.
Wellcone you join our group
WhatsApp: +255 743 636 968
PM me to get the price.

8 days hiking Kilimanjaro mountain

Machame is the second most popular route on Mount Kilimanjaro with length of 26 km. This route is considered as the most beautiful route up Kilimanjaro. With a gradual ascend through the forest you emerge to see wide views of the moorland on Shira plateau, Kibo and Western Breach. The different kinds of vegetation found along the route make it the most scenery route. We are approaching the summit with an acclimatization day by walking in the same heights (Barafu Camp to Karanga Valley Camp), and another day by stopping at Karranga Valley camp (we are one of few tour operators offering this).

There are no mountain huts on this route; the accommodation is in mountain tents. For a slightly more technical climb on Kilimanjaro, one can conquer Uhuru peak from Arrow Glacier camp, but a less challenging route can be taken from Barranco hut. The route done in six days is physically challenging for most people. The last two days (the trek from Barranco to Barafu and then the overnight trek to the summit) require mental and physical toughness, due to the high altitude and short amount of time to rest before the overnight summit attempt.

Travel Members

Amazing Kilimanjaro Tours encourages Groups companion to a limit of 4-6 people though we guarantee possibility of accommodating large groups of any size. The above proposed combination is limited to groups starting the same route on the same day. With our professional safari planners, private groups climbs can be arranged at no extra cost for interested clients. Single travelers can be added to groups upon agreement with group members. Itinerary: 8 Days & 7 Nights

Day 01: Arrival

Arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport/Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Transfer by normal (0800am or 0200pm) shuttle Bus to Arusha where you booked in Arusha Crown Hotel/Impala hotel for the night BB

Day 02: Hotel – Machame Gate

At 7:30 a.m., you will transfer to the Machame Park Gate (5,950 ft./ 1,815 mt.). After registering with the park authority, we’ll begin our climb through the lush forest. Trekkers will likely hear the many exotic birds in the canopy above, and many even see black & white colobus monkeys and Sykes monkeys as they hike along the knotted roots and mud on the forest floor. We’ll continue on to some heath land before reaching our overnight camp at Machame Camp (9,850 feet, 6-7 hours of walking), just above the forest zone. The trek is quite long, thus not steep. Dinner and Overnight at Machame camp.

Day 03: Machame Gate – Shira Camp

Today’s segment of the ascent will continue across beautiful heath land and alpine moorland with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro Peak. We begin up the steep track through a savannah of tall grasses, and trees of Giant Heather and Erica. Scramble around large boulders as you enter the moorland zone, marked by lobelia and Seneca plants, and volcanic rocks draped with lichen beards, which protect wild alpine flowers growing at their bases. We’ll overnight at Shira Camp (12,600 feet, 5-6 hours of walking).Dinner and Overnight at Shira camp.

Day 04: Shira Camp – Barranco Camp

Breakfast. You will draw nearer the peak as we get closer to the Lava Tower. The trek becomes a bit more strenuous as the trail steepness on the approach to the lava Tower, a 300 foot tall volcanic plug which marks an exposed pass at 15,000 feet. In the afternoon, descend the steep track into the Great Barranco Valley. Barranco Camp is set on a cool (flat area) enclosed on three sides with steep valley walls and the Kibo massif itself. Hanging glaciers glint in the sunshine above, amidst the eerie landscape of plants such as the giant groundsels (Seneca Kilimanjaro), and the uniquely endemic Giant Lobelia. Then we slowly ascent to our overnight stop at Barranco Camp (12,950 feet, 5-6 hours of walking). This day and the following day will be your acclimatization day. Dinner and Overnight at Baeranco Camp.

Day 05: Barranco Camp – Karanga Valley Camp

Breakfast. The day will begin with a descent into the Gorge, before we climb its eastern wall where we will enjoy views of Kilimanjaro ice fields, an equatorial anomaly. We will continue trekking until we reach our camp in Karanga Valley (13,900 feet, 4-5 hours of walking).Dinner and Overnight at Karanga valley camp.

Day 06: Karanga Valley Camp – Barafu Camp

Breakfast. You will trek up through the Karanga Valley, the trail turns steadily uphill, following the lava ridge to the Barafu camp. The temperature will grow colder and the landscape more sparse as we near Barafu Camp. Barafu Camp is set on a small, exposed flat area on a ridge, acting as a base camp from which you will make your summit attempt at midnight tonight. Barafu camp (15,200 feet, 6-7 hours of walking).Dinner and Overnight at Barafu camp.

Day 07: Barafu Camp – Uhuru Peak – Mweka Camp

Just after midnight we start of a challenging trek (12-17 hours of trekking). You begin trekking at 12:30 to 1am, passing between the Rebmann and Tarsal glaciers to the rim at Stella Point. The temperatures range from just below freezing at midnight, to between 10 deg. F (-12 deg. C) to –10 F. (-23 deg. C) just before dawn at the summit. As dawn nears, we’ll summit at Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa at 19,340 feet. Uhuru will be the culmination of – and the reward for – 6-7 hours of strenuous hiking. We’ll then descend back to Barafu Camp, resting for a while before continuing our descent to Mweka Camp (9,840 feet, 3-4 hours of walking on the descent). Dinner and Overnight at Mweka camp.

Day 08: Mweka Camp – Machame Gate

Breakfast. You will make our final descent to the park gate, a walk of about 3 or 4 hours. After bidding our farewells to our guide and porters, we’ll drive to Arusha for b/breakfast.

Price Includes:

- National Park entry fees, camping fees, rescue fees

-English speaking guide(s), cook and porters

-Full board camping accommodation during the climb

-Camping equipment i.e. Tents + Form mattress

-Mineral water for the first day, boiled and filtered water on the other days

-Transfer to the gate and return to Arusha/Moshi

Price excludes:

-Other drinks

-Meals and accommodation in Arusha/Moshi – We can arrange this one too.

-Sleeping bag

-Personal expenses and tips

You will get more discount before on 15th,Jan. so call me quickly.

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4 Day Safari Lake Manyara – Serengeti Plains – Ngorogoro Crater


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