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Airline Representative and General Sales Agent Interport Aviation Services was founded in 2012 with the Aviation capability skills and know-how to represent Airlines in Passenger Sales, Ground Handling Services, Airline Marketing, Public Relations, Financial Services and Cargo Business.

As a Leading General Sales Agent in Afghanistan we ensure to promote the brand name of our customers, to promote and develop the Airlines and to take control of their local business interests in Afghanistan and it's territory. Our staff are Aviation experienced with a solid know-how and the capability to adapt to different cultures. We facilitate transfer across regions addressing issues in relation to the co-operation of enterprises. The opening of Hotels, branding and marketing of Afghanistan tourism, putting measures into place for keeping standards procedures in the aviation business. Interport Aviation Services deals with various tourism boards and generate highly reputable establishments. Due to our professional background, Interport Aviation Services supports Afghanistan commercially as exhibitor at the World Leading Travel Trade Shows in Europe . We therefore can draw on extensive experience in all relevant areas when it comes to dealing with the challenges associated with such deployments.

Operating as usual

Tourist Hotel (InterContinental) Kabul in 1960s

Kabul Airport Buidling in 1960s

Iraqi Airways new Aircraft and some new Baghdad Airport pictures...

Photos from Interport Aviation Services - GSA of Iraqi Airways Afghanistan's post

Timeline Photos

*** NEWS***


Iraqi Airways expanded its fleet with 30 new B737-800. The Airline launched its flights from Iraq to Berlin Tegel on July 11th, 2014. The photo shows first flight to TXL last Friday.

Photos from Interport Aviation Services - GSA of Iraqi Airways Afghanistan's post

Iraqi Airways B747***

Afghanistan has its gorgeous spots Band-e-Amir National Park .

*By Interport Aviation Services*

Officials believe that Band-e-Amir and the remnants of the statues can combine for a powerful tourist attraction!

*By Interport Aviation Services*

*By Interport Aviation Services*

*By Interport Aviation Services*

Amazing City of Kabul

*By Interport Aviation Services*

Beautiful Afghanistan

An Ariana Afghan Airlines Boeing 737-400, registration YA-PIB performing flight FG-312 from Delhi (India) to Kabul (Afghanistan) with 130 passengers, landed on Kabul's wet runway 29 at about 17:05L (12:35Z) but overran the end of the runway, went through the localizer and came to a stop with all gear collapsed about 285 meters/930 feet past the end of the runway. The aircraft was evacuated. No injuries are being reported, the aircraft sustained substantial damage however.

We express our sorrow and shock at the accident involving Ariana Afghan Airlines flight from Delhi to Kabul, yesterday.

We send our prayers to you all. We hope that the investigation now under way will establish why the accident happened - it is important to know the cause, so that remedial action can be taken in future to prevent a repeat.

* Mazar -e- Sharif Airport and runway* Afghanistan

Iraqi Airways Office Kabul - Afghanistan

** Najaf and Karbalah **
Fly with us from Kabul to Najaf non-stop for only $ 500

* Baghdad International Airport *

*New Fleet of Iraqi Airways *

Fly with us non-stop from Kabul to Najaf and Baghdad

* Baghdad International Airport *

Iraqi Airways Business class fly absolute comfortable for only §700 return to Baghdad or Najaf. 50kg Baggage allowance, flat bed, direct from Kabul in 3.30hr.

Baghdad view from Iraqi airways flight.

Baghdad International Airport - B737-800

Iraqi Airways New 737-800 over Iraq at 32,000 Feet.

Fly with us for only $500 return direct from Kabul to Najaf!!

* B747-400 * Of Iraqi Airways at Frankfurt Airport

Timeline Photos

***بلندی های شادیان***

***Afghanistsn in 1960s ***

*** Beautiful Pictures of Afghanistan and its sceneries***

مزن راكت به شهر ما -كه ما مردم - مسلمانيم

ز جهل و خصلت وحشى تو ---حيران ----حيرانيم

نه انسانى --نه حيوانى-- -كدامين نسلى اى ظالم

از اين دهشت گرى هايت---شب و روزها به تاوانيم

ترا چى ---ما ز پر وانيم ------و يا بلخ و بدخشانيم

دو چشم ما ---نه مى بينى--ز دست ات ما به گريانيم

تو شخص منحرف هستى --و شايد در پرش هستى

مزن سنگى به خاك ما--- كه ما ويرانى --ويرانيم

تو شرمى از خدا بنما ---- --و ترك اين گنا ه بنما

مزن ديگر ز دست تو--- اسيريم ما پر يشانيم

تو شير مادر ات شايد--فراموش كردى --صد لعنت

دگر آزرد ه ام كردى ---- و ما بيزار چر كانيم

Iraqi Airways Main Office Kabul, Afghanistan.

Enjoy your trip to Najaf with us.

Iraqi Airways Office Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Shahr-E-Now, Kululaposhta Street

General information

General Sales Agent & Airline Representative Interport Aviation Services Shahr-E-Now, Kululaposhta Street 1001 Kabul Owner & Managing Director . Captain Moin Khan Wardak Commercial Register No. D-47889, AISA Afghanistan [email protected]

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Monday 08:00 - 17:00
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