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Private Sightseeing Tours with Drone Footage and FPV (first-person view) Drone Flight Experience. Discover Armenia Alternatively and Get Unforgettable Memories with the Only Drone Tour in the Caucasus!

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Hi there! 👋 I'm the free Republic of Artsakh. Nice to meet you 🤗

Hi there! 👋 I'm the free Republic of Artsakh. Nice to meet you 🤗

#Artsakh #Armenia #ArtsakhStrong #StopAzerbaijaniAggression

[10/10/20]   Stay strong, Artsakh ❤️💙🧡

Your peaceful mornings and biggest achievements are yet to come 💪

#Artsakh #Armenia #ArtsakhStrong #StopAzerbaijaniAggression

⛪ Saint Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, built between 1868 and 1887, is the second most important spiritual center in Artsakh, after the monastery of Gandzasar and the seat of the Diocese of Artsakh of the Armenian Apostolic Church 🇦🇲

Today, on the 12th day of the war, Azerbaijani Armed Forces bombarded the symbol of Shushi, which had been restored after the war in the 90s 💥

#Artsakh #Shushi #ArtsakhStrong #StopAzerbaijaniAggression

Not just words but simple facts ✅

🇦🇲 Armenians lived and left their marks on Christian architecture in Artsakh (a.k.a Nagorno-Karabakh) long centuries ago.

#ArtsakhisArmenia #NKpeace #wewillwin

United more than ever! 💪


Yeraz Park is one of the coziest and loveliest parks in Yerevan 🏕️

📌 Located in Zeytun, just 7 km from the city center, it is a great place to escape the city bustle, relax and have fun. The park features wooden cottages, gaming, and entertainment zones, a biking area, a restaurant, and an open area cafe 🍽️

❄️ In winter, Yeraz becomes a winter wonderland. You can skate on its outdoor skating zone, meet Santa Claus, make sweets with Ms. Clause, take part in various shows and games. In other words, it transforms into a small Lapland where miracles come true 🎊

#YerazPark #Yerevan #WinterPark

Obrigado, Brasil 🇧🇷💚

Obrigado, Brasil 🇧🇷💚

The world-known statue of Christ the Redeemer has been illuminated in colors of the Armenian flag to celebrate the 2️⃣9️⃣th anniversary of our Independence 🇦🇲

#Armenia #IndependenceDay2020 #September21

Happy Independence Day, Armenia! ❤️💙🧡

📌 Today we mark the 29th anniversary of our independence. In September 1991 Armenia held a nationwide referendum and over 99% of voters approved the Republic’s commitment to independence. This is one of the most remarkable days in our history as we won freedom of democracy from the 70-year-old dominance by the former Soviet Union 💪

#Armenia #IndependenceDay2020 #September21

Armenian Landmarks

Hey, travellers❗ Did you know that Armenia has already opened its borders for tourists? 😍

It's time to get your backpacks ready to discover our country for yourself 🧳. But first, watch this short clip to get a brief introduction to our most iconic landmarks ❤️💙🧡

🎥 Video: Garen Lepejian

#Armenia #visitArmenia #traveltoArmenia


Republic Square fountains are singing and dancing again 😍

After 6 months of a state emergency, Yerevan's iconic fountains are ready to impress both the locals and tourists again 🌃

📸 Credits: Jor Martirosyan

Tolors Reservoir and the drowned Saint Hripsime church ⛪

📌 The reservoir was built in 1976 on the site of the old villages Tolors and Artashavan, near Sisian. After the construction of the reservoir, the 159-year-old church remained underwater 💦

#Tolors #Armenia #Syunik

Game of thrones Armenia

📢 Hey, Game of Thrones fans! Have you ever fantasized about how would GOT intro theme look like with Armenia on its map? 🇦🇲

Well, someone has and has even made it a reality! And it looks more than cool... 🔥

#GOT #Armenia #visitArmenia #traveltoArmenia

A piece of Armenia with you ❤️💙🧡

Armenia, a country of timeless history, admiring nature, finger-licking cuisine, and definitely the most hospitable locals ❤️💙🧡

Watch this short clip and take a piece of our country with you 👇

📸 Credits:
🎵 Music: Dle Yaman

#Armenia #visitArmenia #traveltoArmenia

Mendz Er Cave in Alaverdi town, Lori Region 💚

📌 A newly opened cool place to enjoy the ambiance of the Armenian landscapes 🏞️

#Armenia #visitArmenia #Alaverdi #Lori

[08/26/20]   Angels' canyon is one of the most unique, yet lesser-known places of Armenia 🇦🇲

📌 Located in Ararat province, not far from Dashtakar village, the canyon offers a spectacular view to its visitors. There is also mineral water in the area. It is believed that the water has healing properties and many people come here just for water 💦

#Angelscanyon #Ararat #Armenia #visitArmenia

🌇 The majestic sunset over lake Sevan, the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus 🌊

#Sevan #lakeSevan #Armenia #visitArmenia

Good morning, folks! ☕

Enjoy your day to the fullest 😍☀️

#Armenia #Yerevan #GoodMorning

🇦🇲 Taraz is the national costume of Armenia. Eastern and Western parts of Armenia had their own style that differed greatly from each other with their specific ornaments and colors.

👰‍♀️ Moreover, through the wearing type, you could even guess whether the person was married or not. Married women traditionally wore a hat that covered half the forehead. Until the beginning of the 19th century, Armenians wore Taraz but since then modern and European clothes came to replace it.

Nowadays, Taraz is worn only by folk dance groups 💃

#Armenia #visitArmenia #Taraz

A virtual journey through the diverse and enthralling landscapes of Armenia ❤️💙🧡

🎥 Watch this short clip from the comfort of your home to find out why Armenia should be your next great road-trip destination 😜

#Armenia #visitArmenia #traveltoArmenia

Hey, fans! 👋 Which country are you following us from? Comment below 👇

Let's see which country takes the cup 🏆

P.S. We are from Armenia 🇦🇲

#Armenia #traveltoArmenia #Armenia

🍪 Gata is one of the most popular and traditional Armenian sweets. This sweet pastry comes in a variety of shapes & sizes and is nicely wrapped for weddings and other festive occasions.

Traditionally, a coin is placed inside Gata. It is believed that whoever gets it is gonna be blessed with good fortune 🪙

We love this yummy dessert so much that we have a special festival dedicated to it. Every fall people come together to make the biggest gata requiring over 250 kilograms of flour and 50 eggs 😱

#Gata #GataFestival #ArmenianCuisine #Armenia

Lake Azhdahak, the jewel of the namesake mountain, nested in Geghama mountain chain 🏔️

Located in 3597 meters above sea level and lying on top of the volcanic origin mountain, it is the highest mountain lake in Armenia 💦

📖 According to Armenian mythology, Azhdahak is a man-dragon. No surprise that many sculptures of mythological creatures and murals are placed near the mountain.

Wait! Did we mention that Azhdahak is also a popular trekking destination? Would you dare to reach its top and get admired by this crystal-clear lake in the crater? 💙

#Armenia #Azdahak #GeghamaMountains #traveltoArmenia

[07/24/20]   Gyumri, the cultural capital of Armenia ❤️💙🧡

📌 Sitting in the northwestern part of the country and being the second-largest city of it, Gyumri (formerly Alexandrapol and Leninakan) is home to some prominent museums, parks, and the impressive Kumayri historic district.

After the Spitak earthquake in 1988, the city suffered a lot. Many buildings were destroyed and the death toll was about 17 thousand. Today, Gyumri is still on the road to recovery, proving the unwavering spirit of Armenians 👊

#Gyumri #Leninakan #Armenia #visitArmenia

When there is desire, you will always find a solution 💙

Despite the pandemic, Armenians celebrate Vardavar today, one of the coolest and most loved holidays where people, be it a friend, relative or a complete stranger, pour water on each other 💦

📌 19.07.2020 - Armenia, Ashtarak

📸 Photo Courtesy: Andranik Keshishyan

#Armenia #Vardavar #Ashtarak

Stay strong Tavush, stay strong Armenia 🇦🇲👊

#Armenia #Tavush #TavushStrong

[07/12/20]   You can never really feel how exquisite Armenia is if you have never been to our country 🇦🇲

📌 Watch the video to catch a glimpse of one of the world's oldest civilizations and prepare yourself before you set your foot on the birthplace of humanity 🌍

🎥 Video Credits: Le Voyage Des Koumoul
🎵 Music: Hogh

#Armenia #visitArmenia #traveltoArmenia

Yes, yes, this is in Armenia 😱

💙 Aparan Water Reservoir, located between Kuchak and Yeghipatrush villages in Aragatsotn province. The area of the reservoir is a fantastic destination for hiking lovers 👣

📸 Photo Courtesy: Vardan Petrosyan

#DiscoverArmenia #Aragatsotn #Aparan #AparanReservoir

From Soviet-era architectural solutions to highly modernized and flashy buildings that reminds you of Europe, Yerevan offers you both

From Soviet-era architectural solutions to highly modernized and flashy buildings that reminds you of Europe, Yerevan offers you both 🏙️.

Walking through the streets of the pink city, you'll become the witness of the aesthetical blend of the old and new architecture ✨.

Watch the video to feel the breath of modern Yerevan, a city that truly never sleeps ☀️

#Yerevan #Armenia #visitArmenia #discoverArmenia

The medieval fortress of Lori Berd, located in the village of the same name in the region of Lori 🏰

Originally built by David Anhoghin in the 10th century, the massive stone building was reserved as a base for the Orbelians and Zakarians noble families. Dut to its exceptional geographical position, the fortress was an impregnable wall for the enemies who continuously attempted to invade our lands ⚔️

The fortress is built on a promontory along the deep gorge between the Dzoraget and Tashir rivers. Being surrounded by steep canyons on 3 sides, the only entrance to the fortress is the tall tower, located in the northwest corner 🗼

At the end of the 18th century, Lori Berd lost its strategic importance and became an ordinary fortress where migrants from all corners of the world settled 🏚️

#LoriBerd #Lori #discoverArmenia #visitArmenia

As promised in the previous post, we are unveiling the story about how Armenia Drone Tour was born 🐣

Sit comfortably as our founder shares the story of how this project became a reality 👇

"One morning, I was just browsing through Youtube when one of the videos grabbed my attention. I was intrigued that people with disabilities were given an opportunity to explore one of the most impressive castles of France by wearing VR glasses and enjoying the live aerial view captured by a drone. Inspired by the video, an awesome idea triggered my mind. “Hmm, why not use the same concept in the tourism industry to provide innovative and alternative travel experiences”?

Soon my idea was turned into reality and the journey began. Armenia Drone Tour was created: to give travelers like you a unique experience of admiring Armenia’s most beautiful sights from a bird’s eye view without leaving the ground. With a mission of proudly presenting our gorgeous country to people all over the world, we are always ready to show you its wonders from a different perspective. Join us today and create memories that’ll last forever ❤️"

Today Armenia Drone Tour officially turns 1 year old 🎂

Words can not express our love and gratitude to all our fans who have been with us during these 12 months. You guys are super supportive. Keep staying with us and let's make our family much bigger 🎈

On this special day, we'd also like to thank our founder for bringing this project into being. Karo, working with you and learning from you is always a pure pleasure. Looking forward to accomplishing new achievements together 🤗

By the way, if you wanna know why and how Armenia Drone Tour was created, stay tuned for our upcoming post. Coming very soon 😍

Armenia Drone Tour team ✅

With its dazzling waterfalls, epic rocky cliffs, crystal clear water, and lofty forests, Armenia has become a holy grail for nature enthusiasts 💚

💦 With its dazzling waterfalls, epic rocky cliffs, crystal clear water, and lofty forests, Armenia has become a holy grail for nature enthusiasts 💚

🎬 Watch the video to get inspired by the unspoilt nature of our country and get lost in its mesmerizing beauty 🌳

Credits: WWF Armenia

#Armenia #discoverArmenia #visitArmenia

The lightning show of the night ⚡🌌

Strikes are hitting the skies of Yerevan and Khor Virap 🌩️

🖼️ Credits: Vahe Ordyan, Doc Production, Photolure News Agency

Hey folks, can you guess the name of this fortress? 🏰

Let's see who's gonna be the first 👊

Morning vibes! ☀️☕

Stay safe and healthy during these difficult times 🙏💙

Ever dreamed of flying like a bird?

Hi and welcome!

I’m Karo, the founder of Armenia Drone Tour, full time business development rep at a software startup company, your driver, drone pilot and self proclaimed semi-professional guide :))

Ever dreamed of flying like a bird? Well, I did! And that’s how Armenia Drone Tour was created. To give travelers like you a unique experience of admiring Armenia’s most beautiful sights from bird’s viewpoint too.

So far, there are only 3 similar tours in the world: in Antigua (a small island in the Caribbean), in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Marseille, France. And you just found the 4th one, us. Lucky you!

Words can not express all those positive emotions and memories you’ll get from our tours, but here’s in short what’s waiting for you:

  • Visit to Armenia’s most beautiful historical and natural sights.

  • Private air conditioned vehicle with an experienced driver (me).

  • Free Wi-Fi on board, cookies and bottled water.

  • FPV (first-person view) drone flight and short video of your tour shot from a drone.

  • Flexibility and privacy, as the groups are limited to up to 3-4 people.
  • What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Cause our tours tend to be booked out fast. Book your tour on our website (we don’t ask for a deposit) or simply shoot us a message with your questions!

    We are here to make your experience in Armenia unforgettable :)

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Hi there! 👋 I'm the free Republic of Artsakh. Nice to meet you 🤗
Obrigado, Brasil 🇧🇷💚
Armenian Landmarks
Game of thrones Armenia
A piece of Armenia with you ❤️💙🧡
From Soviet-era architectural solutions to highly modernized and flashy buildings that reminds you of Europe, Yerevan offers you both
With its dazzling waterfalls, epic rocky cliffs, crystal clear water, and lofty forests, Armenia has become a holy grail for nature enthusiasts 💚
Happy 1️⃣st Republic Day, Armenia 🇦🇲🎈
Feel the real Armenia



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