Window on Armenia

Window on Armenia

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El TOUR- Armenia
El TOUR- Armenia
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Sevan Lake
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Princess Maneh Tours /ARMENIA
50 Mashtots Ave, Suite 22, Erewan
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InCruises Arm
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Gamo Club Tour
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Cruise Club Armenia
Cruise Club Armenia
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Elite Cruise Club
Международный Круизный Клуб
Международный Круизный Клуб
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Studio Guest House Yerevan Cascade
Studio Guest House Yerevan Cascade
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EL Style Gran Turismo
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Էդմոն Անանյան Edmon Ananyan
Էդմոն Անանյան Edmon Ananyan
Մատենադարանի մոտ, Erevan
Travel Time Armenia
Travel Time Armenia
Koryun 23, Erevan
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City Travel Armenia
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Tatev Monatery in winter
This Astrolabe is featured in the History Museum of Armenia, in Yerevan

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″Gulbenkian ajudava os pobres arménios e muitas vezes nem se sabia que era ele″ Almoço com Vahe Mkhitarian, presidente da Associação de Amizade Portugal-Arménia, que fala sobre um povo com mais de quatro mil anos de história e que tem entre os seus heróis o magnata e filantropo Calouste Gulbenkian.

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Fifty years ago, the thousand-year old Church of the Holy Cross (Soorp Khatch) on Aghtamar Island was slated for destruction. A demolition crew was on the island, and had already begun its task when a prominent and influential Kurdish author intervened and saved this priceless legacy of Armenian culture.

Read the story in the book THE ARMENIAN HIGHLAND. Available online from Amazon and from

Ararat - Place Of Creation

August 11 marks Navasard, ancient Armenian New Year. According to the traditional Armenian calendar, the 4505th year begins today. Navasard symbolizes the victory of our forefather Hayk over the Babylonian tyrant Bel in 2492 B.C. The Armenians have identified Hayk with Orion. Indeed the name of the Orion constellation in the Armenian translation of the Bible is Hayk.On August 11 just before sunrise “the Swinging Column” in Tatev monastery indicates the Orion’s Belt.

Tanahati Monastery Miro Mirecnet

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Old Myanmar church built by Armenian couple gets new lease of life After almost three hundred years of neglect, the Portuguese church in Thanlyin, Myanmar is being brought back to life. Construction on the church is believed to have begun in 1749, after Italian Catholic priest Paolo Nerini, a missionary from the Barnabite Order, obtained permission from King Binnya...

Die Armenische Legion: Armenische Aufopferung, französischer Betrug

Thank you Dr. Tessa Hofmann Review of Susan P. Pattie's monograph on the emergence and activities of the Armenian Legion during and after WW1

My Armenia Program

My Handmade Armenia Artisans from Tavush Region

Իմ ձեռագործ Հայաստանի արհեստագործները Տավուշի մարզից

#MyArmenia #Artisans #Tavush #Handmade

Review | In New York, a look into the early days of the world’s oldest Christian nation “Armenia,” at the Metropolitan Museum, is a dazzling survey of medieval history.

Экстрим-Армения: топ-7 крутых туров для любителей острых ощущений

Check also Sputnik Армения говорит то, о чем другие молчат

YEREVAN, Armenia: Top sights and attractions of the "Pink City" (2016)

A weekend in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, a country located in the Caucasus, bordering Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and ... Armenia ի ամենօրյա տուրերից
From daily tours
AYWA-Armenian Young Women's Association
Armenian Rafting Federation
Ինտեգրված Գյուղական Զբոսաշրջության Զարգացում
Նուռիկ կենտրոն / Nurik Community and Tourism Development Center

When in Armenia: 8 top tourist destinations to visit As hardworking as OFWs might be, they also seek some well-deserved rest and relaxation. More and more UAE-based OFWs who have the knack for travelling even for a weekend getaway are now taking advantage of the visa-on-arrival destination of Armenia as featured in this week’s edition of TFT Lifesty...

Сто тысяч горожан. Как и когда появились евреи в Армении Евреи живут в Армении свыше двух тысяч лет. Звучит, спору нет, эффектно, хотя две здешние общины, светская и религиозная, насчитывают от силы человек шестьсот или се....

Что посмотреть в Ереване: самые известные памятники - Picnic Hotels

My pink city of monuments and fountains - Yerevan Ереван — столица Армении — город с богатым прошлым, о котором много интересного расскажет величественная архитектура страны. Приехав в Ереван и совершив по нему п...


Brief outline of 'velvet revolution' April-May 2018

Tens of thousands of people are protesting in Armenia. What's going on?

A Brief History of Khash, Armenia’s Love-It-or-Hate-It Hangover Cure (Recipe) Cow foot soup: It’s what’s for breakfast

7 Outstanding Armenian Jews | Find Who They Are & Discover the Life of Jewish Community in Armenia | armeniagogo

Armenian and Jewish mixed culture and traditions Armenian Jews have their long history which go back to ancient times. Jewish community of Armenia is rather active and enthusiastic in preserving their traditions. You can come across various colorful and unique celebrations and festivals held by Armenian Jews.

[08/10/17]   Some of our Food and Wine itineraries include various cookery master classes, such as :
making of "Tolma", which is the Queen of the Armenian cuisine. The name originates from Armenian “toley” meaning grape leaves. Since ancient times the Armenians prepared tolma using different ingredients and spices with minced meat, wrapped in grape leaves. We also have "summer tolma" - various vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage leaves, eggplants, pepper, etc. Some households add sliced apple for more elegant taste.
"Pakhlava" is another famous and delicious dish of the Armenian (and Oriental) cuisine. The name of the dish stems from the Greek word “Philo” meaning leaf. Armenian Pakhlava is known for its many variants: Yerevan’s, Kyavar’s … The main secret of the Armenian Pakhlava is not only its filling (honey, walnut, spices), but also the number of dove layers...

Ghapama - Christmas & New Year Dish
Pumpkin stuffed with boiled rice, chopped apple, almond, prunes, dried fruit such as plums, apricots, peaches, raisins, honey, butter, cinnamon powder, salt to taste.
The pumpkin is then baked until it becomes soft, then brought to the table where it is cut up and served.

Our special interest programmes include master classes in drawing on the batik. The young artist, who creates beautiful paintings on silk, will uncover some secrets of his arts by showing and teaching the technique of this rather attractive type of drawing.
For those interested in pottery we organise master class conducted by a skilled master - one can learn the basics of the craft and create different ceramic items and products from local clay at the Potter’s wheel

Парламент Ирана ратифицировал соглашение о совместной с Арменией эксплуатации таможенных ворот Мегри-Нордуз» Парламент Ирана ратифицировал соглашение о совместной с Арменией эксплуатации таможенных ворот Мегри-Нордуз»

Armenia Places Third Out of 157 Teams at FIRST Global Youth Robotics Competition

Bravo Armenia Armenia's TUMO Team Takes Bronze Medal Special for the Armenian Weekly “We are few, but they call us Armenians.” These words by Paruyr Sevak rang true at the FIRST Global youth robotics competition held at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., where Armenia’s TUMO Center for Creative Technologies...

Armenian Gampr Dog, The Ancient Wolfhound | Art-A-Tsolum Before presenting one the most ancient wolfhounds of the planet known as Armenian Gampr dog, the owner of one Violetta Gabrielyan sends greetings to the whole w

[05/13/17]   Hello from Armenia, Yerevan!

Adventures on the Janapar Trail

Fond of adventure and discovery? Join us

Idea and Ride leading by Hans Keifer. Support by Arevi Tel. + 374 (0)93 306 556 Email. [email protected] FB page.

ARARAT brandy - the legendary Armenian brandy, the official website of the Yerevan Brandy Company (YBC)

ARARAT is far more than just a brandy.
It is a chance to immerse oneself into Armenian culture ARARAT official website. ARARAT is the is the ture legendary Armenian brandy produced only at the Yerevand Brandy Company (YBC)

У каждого есть история, достойная книги. Вы пишете мемуары, ведёте блог или заметки путешественника? Создайте из своих записей и фотографий совершенно бесплатно электронную книгу или закажите тираж в мягкой обложке или твёрдом переплёте. Ridero поможет вам сохранить самые важные воспоминания.

Археологи обнаружили самую древнюю улицу Еревана Армяно-франко-иранская археологическая экспедиция обнаружила самую древнюю  улицу Еревана на территории урартского города Эребуни, сказал журналистам в четверг руководитель армянской части экспедиции Микаел Бадалян.

Tourism Armenia

Sailing Holidays in Lake #Sevan!

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Fantastic 'khachkar' !!
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Armenian tradition of Ash Wednesday Avak Chorekshapti – Great or Holy Wednesday The important events of Holy Week begin from Ash Wednesday onwards. According to tradition Ash Wednesday neutralises the bad and wicked. This is the day that washing is done, plates and dishes are polished and every corner of the house is cleaned, so there…

Ancient Aragats: An Orientation See the unparalleled sites of the Aragats region of central Armenia as never before. The Aragats Foundation is working with our partners to conserve the region's…

George Clooney encabeza marcha para conmemorar genocidio armenio en Ereván - La estrella de Hollywood George Clooney encabezó el domingo una marcha en Ereván para conmemorar el 101º aniversario del genocidio que sufrieron los armenios en el Imperio Otomano.

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#KarasWines Red is defined by its bright ruby colour tainted with violet hues, and expressed by aromas of fresh red fruit combined with vanilla and spices. It possesses good tannin ripeness and persistence, in addition to a balanced acidity and solid structure. Karas Red pairs great with red meats and pastas, and makes a heavenly combination with chocolate!

#Armenianwine #KarasWines #Red

Arménie France 5 2015 05 03 17 00

Attn if our French Speaking colleagues and friends

The Armenian name of the Lord - PeopleOfAr

!!!! Those familiar with Armenian Churches might have come across a mysterious sign on top of the main altar on numerous occasions.  This curious sign “Է” as seen in the picture is the 7th letter of the Armenian alphabet and has a very interesting history. The earliest attestation of the sign has been fo…

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Dream Travel Dream Travel
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Dream Travel ընկերությունը իրականացնում է ավիաչվերթներ բոլոր ուղղություններով

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Норд Ост Травел: туры в Армению Норд Ост Травел: туры в Армению
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ARM TOUR (+374 60) 660 222 (+374 97) 360 222 (+374 44) 360 222 ք. Երևան, Կոմիտաս 7 ք. Ստեփանակերտ, Ազատամարտիկների 7

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+37493589300 VivaTour Tourism & Travel agency Let's discover the world together... ...Let's get to know each other!!!

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Airline ticket sales, hotel bookings, holiday packages,

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Ак ''Грозный Авиа'' с радостью информирует ! Начиная с 17/03/16 по 4 и 5 дням ЕРЕВАН - КУРСК - ЕРЕВАН ! Рейс ГГ-9796 -

Best Time Tour Best Time Tour
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