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Skiing fun for all winter sports lovers! At Gerlitzen, in the heart of Carinthia, the sun works overtime so that you can treat yourself to a wonderful winter experience: More than 60 km of diverse and excellently prepared runs span in all directions, inviting you to try out your skiing techniques on carving skis or snowboards. We offer you an excellent accommodation at Gerlitzen Ski Resort, only 250 m from ski slopes. The apartment is on the 5th floor, the house has a lift :) On the ground floor is a completly new indoor swimming pool, view on the Ossiacher See and Karawanken Alps.

Summer On The Mountain

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Winter season starts on 12.12.2014!

Fantastic November winter backdrop!
Still looking for a cousy modern apartment?
Check on availability here:

Winter - ready ;)

My Gerlitzen's cover photo

Autumn days on Gerlitzen, winter is coming soon!
If you are still looking for a modern and comfortable accommodation, please visit our site and write to us!

My Gerlitzen's cover photo

Photos from My Gerlitzen's post

Photos from My Gerlitzen's post

My Gerlitzen's cover photo

Gerlitzen today :)

Visit Wörthersee

Lust auf eine Skisafari?
Zum Beispiel die Gerlitzen erreicht man mit dem Auto ab Velden am Wörthersee in nur etwa 20 Minuten.

(Fotos: Gert Steinthaler/Kärnten - Lust am Leben) #ktr14

schnee, schnee, schnee...

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After skiing, a nice warm private pool is waiting for you!

A perfect ski weekend is in front of us ツ.
New powder is coming for February.

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Today on Gerlitzen :) Would you like to be here?

LAST MINUTE offer on My Gerlitzen

Only 72€ per night from 18.1.2014 to 25.1.2014 (this offer is valid when booked for a whole week), available only ONE apartment!

[email protected]

Gerlitzen winter season starts in 2 days!

74 cm of white new powder, who would like to try it out? :)

My Gerlitzen

And the winner is ... Teja Tomaževič. Congratulations!

Win vacation in apartment My Gerlitzen

Winter is here! :D

My Gerlitzen's cover photo

My Gerlitzen

Win vacation in apartment My Gerlitzen

My Gerlitzen

Odkleni BON in si privošči 7 dnevni oddih.

My Gerlitzen - Apartmenthouse Edelweiss / web:

Obir- Tropfsteinhöhlen
Exciting destination for an excursion this weekend.
The unique cave with its history of 200 million years thrills visitors with its 800 m long underground adventure park.
With living drip stones that are unique in Europe. With distinct traces of miners who worked in the caves long ago.

Tip for the weekend: Explore and enjoy the mistics of underground realm in Schaubergwerk Terra Mystica.

Travelling in a mine full of mysterious underground stories, starting at 68 meters long mining slide (the longest in Europe - the entrance to the mine, it is also possible to take the stairs or elevator). From there, visitors abolished after the tunnels on foot and then by underground cave - the only still functioning in Carinthia. Deep in the Earth's interior monitor visitors to the mystical performances of the creation of the Earth, to the healing power of nature. Fascinated by the stories that accompany them water, sound, light and smoke effects.

This weekend on a trip to Tierpark Schloss Rosegg?

Explore the varied living space of Rosegg Animal Park with its fascinating animal species. Or get an insight into the past in Rosegg Castle with its waxworks and enjoy fun and excitement in the large Rosegg Maze.

Have a nice time and send us some pictures.

Fun weekend for the whole family?

Take advantage of the weekend to swim, visit the castle Landskron, Monkey Mountain and birds of prey show.

Near Ossiacher see, where you can go swimming and do many other water activities, lies a beautiful castle Landskorn, known for falconry centre. You will be able to watch birds of prey circling the sky high above the fortress.
There is also Mounkey Mountain. You will learn a lot about the life of monkeys and their needs. You will get to observe 145 macaques just as they live in the wild, seeing how they fall in love, fight, raise their own children and how some of them can even swim and dive.

Have a nice weekend and don't forget the camera.

Ready for an exciting weekend?

Happ Reptile Zoo - experience 1.000 thrilling animals in Austria’s largest reptile zoo. 60 different species of snakes like mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes, constrictors as well as turtles, giant turtles, crocodiles, iguanas, goannas, bird spiders and scorpions. Outdoor area with European snakes, lake Wörthersee aquarium with native fish species. Dinosaur Garden.

Send us some pictures.

View on Ossiacher See from My Gerlitzen

Weekend is almost here. Already have plans?

Have you ever been in Minimundus?
The Minimundus is a miniature park at Klagenfurt. It displays over 150 miniature models of architecture from around the world. Visiting the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, White House … all in one day!

Send us some pictures.

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Die Gerlitzen Ferienwohnung befindet sich in einem Almhaus auf der Gerlitzen in wunderbarer Lage auf 1.650m Höhe. Mitten im Wander- und Skiparadies.

Mountain apartment with stunning view Mountain apartment with stunning view
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