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We are here to offer the best wine & gourmet food tours in the world! We start from Greece... We are creating the best Wine & Food tours in the world!

Our tours include top hotels only, incredible lunches and dinners with unlimited consumption of the best Greek wines and two visits at wineries every day. According to our opinion , this actually might be one of the best wine &food tour in the world! Imagine an all-inclusive wine and gourmet food tour that includes stays at the best hotels, meals at the best restaurants paired with the most expensive local wines and spirits! Nobody has ever offered anything like this for a whole week at such prices!

Mission: To present the Greek wines and the local culinary art to the global gourmet community!



Athens !

vimeo.com This is a project I did on behalf of VisitGreece / the Greek National Tourism Organisation in 2015. Music: "Watching the Storm" by U137 Licensed from…


Lonely Planet - Best in Europe

Peloponnese is the best place in Europe to visit in 2016,
says Lonely Planet

"The Golden Lion Experience"

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lonelyplanet.com Heading to Europe this year? Lonely Planet’s travel experts have scoured every corner of the continent to find the best places to visit this year. See which destinations made the list.


Expert champions Greek wines for ‘their energy and unique flavour’

"Greece isn’t the place where wine originated, but there are few countries with such a long, consistent history of fermenting grapes."

hamhigh.co.uk Greece isn’t the place where wine originated, but there are few countries with such a long, consistent history of fermenting grapes.


Wineries: Utility with a Sense of Style - Greece Is

"The Greek countryside, however, has its own treats in store: dramatic changes in landscape, from lush mountains to arid vineyards on rocky, sun-baked islands and fascinating facilities that offer unexpected wine experiences..."

greece-is.com When we talk about the marriage of wine and architecture, we usually associate the ideal wine experience with the vast vineyards and castles of Bordeaux and Tuscany. The Greek countryside, however, has its own treats in store: dramatic changes in landscape, from lush mountains to arid vineyards on r...


Dionysus: God of Wine and Ecstasy - Greece Is

Dionysus: God of Wine and Ecstasy
Worshipped in temples, theaters, public festivals and private parties, Dionysus brought joy and relief to ancient Greek life.

greece-is.com Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, often seems a familiar, likable figure, perhaps because wine and its associated rituals are such a characteristic ingredient of our own modern-day existence. Like other deities, Dionysus appears in human form and is credited with divine powers; yet thanks to…

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How Greeks celebrate Easter: the feasting after the fast | Recent posts | Matching Food & Wine

Ted Lelekas, an Athens-based wine writer and educator writes: "It may come as a surprise to some, but in Greece, Easter is much more important than Christmas, when it comes to food and drink. This is mostly because the period running up to Easter and up to Easter Sunday itself is full of local and religious traditions and customs..."

matchingfoodandwine.com Easter is more important than Christmas in the Greek calendar - always celebrated with a spectacular feast as Athens-based wine writer Ted Lelekas explains


Video: Olympia Lights the Way - Greece Is

Olympia Lights the Way

Watch the torch for the 2016 Olympic Games starting its journey from their birthplace to host country Brazil

#visitgreece #olympia #pelloponese

greece-is.com People across the world, from India to Siberia, gathered at Ancient Olympia to enjoy the location’s superb setting and experience the torch lighting ceremony, which serves as a potent reminder of the ancient roots of the modern Games, as well as the Olympic values and ideals.

Spring at Tselepos Winery, an Epic destination!

"The Golden Lion Experience"

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et in Arcadia ego.
H ΄Aνοιξη, τ'αμπέλια, το φως @Ktima Tselepos
#wines_of_Peloponnese #drinkgreekwine #winelovers #Arcadia #MythicalPeloponnese #winetourism #wineweekend

Mycenae is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece. It is located in the region of Argolis, between Argos and Nafplion. A very prosperous town in the ancient times, Mycenae gave its name to an entire civilization, the Mycenaean civilization, that flourished from about 1,600 to 1,00 BC. The ancient town was surrounded by gigantic walls, while the most famous spot is the Lion Gate, the entrance to the town with two female stone lions above.

"The Golden Lion Experience"

#peloponnese #mycenae #epicdestination #epicwinetour #winelovers #winetourism #greekwine #visitgreece

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Naoussa, is one of the most exquisite wine areas of Greece as this is the birthplace of Xinomavro, one of the "Big Four" indigenous grape varieties that have put Greek wines on the world map. Dalamaras Winery is our destination. Kostis Dalamaras, representing the new generation of the family, will guide us through the vines and their wines.

"Macedonia & The Lakes Experience"

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #naoussa #dalamaras


A Big Fat Guide to Greek Wine

"Not only does Greece have a deep winemaking tradition from which to draw, there’s a vibrant scene currently brewing. This is an era of evolution for Greece, and a period of enthusiasm, reinvention, and experimentation in wine."

eater.com Everything you need to know


Greece is the word

Greece is the word. Greek wine is the next big thing.

thewinemonkeys.com Greek wine is the next big thing. Perhaps this is a strong statement but I have thought this for some time now. At the very least it should be the next big thing. If you look at the styles of wines…

Skouras winery is an ultra-modern winemaking facility, with an elegant Greek architecture. We will have the chance to visit the winery, learn about the winemaking process and attend to a Premium Wine Tasting Class with the oenologist of the Estate guiding the tasting, helping us understand how we can appreciate the qualities of a wine.

"The Golden Lion Experience"

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10+ Reasons to Visit Greece this Year - Greece Is

10+ Reasons to Visit Greece this Year

#visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism

greece-is.com After featuring prominently in the world news for all the wrong reasons, for a while it seemed that Greece was all washed up. Just when everyone thought it was down and out, the country rose from its own dusty ruins to turn a tarnished reputation to its advantage. In what is nothing short of a succe…


Epic Wine Tours, μια κουβέντα με τους Πάτροκλο Κουδούνη, Hλία Ανθίδη και Έλλη-Ναταλί Κορρέ

The journey has started....

www.fnl-guide.com Ένα επικό ταξίδι του κρασιού ξεκινάει. Τι συνδέει αυτούς τους τρεις συνοδοιπόρους; Η αγάπη τους για το κρασί και κατ’ επέκταση την καλή ζωή. Και αυτή αποτυπώνεται στις εκδρομές που σχεδιάζουν.


Moschofilero: Centuries-old Greek white whispers with an enticing, subtly aromatic quality

Moschofilero: Centuries-old Greek white whispers with an enticing, subtly aromatic quality

theglobeandmail.com Even less well-known than other major Greek grape varietals, Moschofilero has only recently started earning some well-deserved attention

Semeli Estate is one of the most impressive wine-related developments in Greece, located at an altitude of 600m, in Nemea region. At Semeli Estate tasting becomes an experience! There, we will attend to a guided visit along with a tasting of 5 wines and a light lunch.


There’s Always Room for a Greek Wine - Greece Is

"There’s Always Room for a Greek Wine."
Pairing #Greek wine with international cuisine.

#greekwine #visitgreece #winelover #winetourism

greece-is.com With discreet aromas of red fruits and spices, the red Agiorgitiko grape variety produces expressive rosés and velvety reds. Both can be elegant accompaniments to a host of wine-friendly Italian comfort food dishes, famed for their rare balance of richness and finesse. At the same time, for fans of…

Domaine Karanika, the finest producer of sparkling wines in the region of Amynteo.

"Macedonia & The Lakes Experience"

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"GREECE IS WINE" by Kathimerini !

issuu.com That’s our field of glory, the market segment in which we can shine by offering excellent, lovingly made wines with great value for money, from the as yet undiscovered “New Old World.”

Nafplio, the first capital of modern Greece.
A city where the first assembly of the modern liberated Greek Nation took place. Bourtzi, the fort in the sea, has remained known by its Turkish name (Bourtzi, meaning tower) and has become the trademark of the city.

"The Golden Lion Experience"

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Alpha Estate, the most renowned Estate of Amynteo!

"Macedonia & The Lakes Experience"

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #nymfaio #kontosoros #AlphaEstate

Theodosis Mavrogiannis is a dairy products producer who has gained acclaim from all over the world. In their small unit in the village of Karya which we will visit after Ancient Nemea, Mavrogiannis family produces the authentic Greek sheep yogurt, and traditional Greek cheeses. New Yorker magazine´s food journalist Rebecca Mead described it “as the best yogurt she had ever tasted”.

Theodosis Mavrogiannis will be there to show us the process of cheese and yogurt making and, of course, we shall have the opportunity to taste them!

"The Golden Lion Experience"

#peloponnese #nemea #palivouestate #epicdestination #epicwinetour #winelovers #winetourism #greekwine #visitgreece

"The Golden Lion Experience"

First stop at Palivou Estate, a renowned winery located in Ancient Nemea, the land of #Agiorgitiko. We will enjoy a guided visit along with a wine tasting and a light lunch in the winery, accompanied by George Palivos and his oenologist.

#peloponnese #nemea #palivouestate #epicdestination #epicwinetour #winelovers #winetourism #greekwine #visitgreece

After our visit to the historical village of Nymfeo, we will have our dinner served at Kontosoros restaurant, the must-dine place of the region, famous for the top quality and the originality of its dishes along with top wines of the best Estate of the region, the Alpha Estate.

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #nymfaio #kontosoros #AlphaEstate

Enjoy the journey, our wine and our food. Enjoy Greece!

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The Golden Lion Experience - Epic Wine Tours

"The Golden Lion Experience" a new Epic Tour !

Discover this beautiful land where Hercules fought with the Lion of Nemea. Meet the winemakers, taste their wines and local food, listen to the traditional music and visit the ancient Greek sites that perfectly disclose till the history of the land.

epicwinetours.gr 4-5 Stars Hotel for all trips Visit World historical cities Chill out on iconic castle 100% Satisfaction guarantee


25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Greece

Greece is not beautiful.... It's Epic....


Next stop, late in the evening, the historical village of Nymfeo, which has been characterized as one of the 10 most beautiful villages of Europe.

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #nymfaio

Departing from the center of Athens and the Acropolis, we are heading to the Northern part of Greece, passing by La Tour Melas, one of the new high-end wine producers of Central #Greece. We shall visit the #winery, taste the #wines and enjoy a traditional lunch in the beautiful Estate accompanied by Mr. Mellas.

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #latourmelas

On Monday morning we shall return to the Acropolis, this time for a guided tour of the Parthenon, one of the most recognizable sites in the world.

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #acropolis #athens #greece

After the end of our visit to the Acropolis museum, we will go -on foot- to Dionyssos restaurant where we will enjoy our first dinner.
The menu will give you a good taste of our gourmet food and wine adventure when -at the same time - you will be admiring the phantasmagoric view of the temple of Parthenon.

A first night, full of classical #beauty, #culture, #taste and #flavors.

#epicwinetour #winelovers #visitgreece #greekwine #winetourism #acropolis #Dionysos #athens #greece

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