Salalah Adventures

Salalah Adventures


السلام عليكم اللي عنده شغل لي في الخريف انا مصري في صلالة 98205779
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موفق اخي مسلم والى الامام دوما

صلالة للمغامرات السياحية Salalah Adventures

Some photos from different places in Salalah

Some photos from different trips

Our round trip from Salalah to Muscat. 13 Days camping

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Our #sunsite #trip to #EmptyQuarter

Our #camping #trip #emptyquter

Our private camping styles #emptyquter

Our trip today

Our trip yesterday #emptyquter

Camels in the wadi to drink water.
We cook ( Camel meat )

Our trip to Hasik (East Salalah )

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Our trip yesterday to the Empty Quarter.

Sunset in the Empty Quarter. With our guests

Sunset in the Empty Quarter. With our guests

By me 15/8/2015

Salalah Today 7/8/2015

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💮السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .

✴💣تسر شركة صلاله للمغامرات السياحيه

⚫بان تعلن لزوار محاظفة ظفار الكرام في فتره الخريف .
▫بان تقدم لهم عروض جميلة وباسعار جيده
من حيث :
▫السيارات والباصات والسائقين والسكن .
▫نوفر بيوت وغرف وشقق فندقيه
في الجبل ومدينة صلاله .
♦واتمنى من لديه الرغبه بالحجز او الاستفسار
التواصل معنا على
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Old beautiful

Photos of the Empty Quarter

Our guests on the sand and wait for the time of sunset in the Empty Quarter

Our guests while walking on the golden sands of the Empty Quarter

The way to the borders of Yemen

Salalah Adventures

Some pictures of our trip before yesterday

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لكم التعليق

Sadah away from the city of Salalah, about 135 kilometers, followed by administratively both on behalf of Hasik and the administrative center of the cavity and the center Hdben, and the number of the state's population and Derivatives - 4 thousand and 370 people. Relate from the Middle mandate of Schlemm Islands Halaniyat the west state of Mirbat, and to the south of the Arabian Sea, and from the north all of Mount Samhan and the mandate of the Islands Halaniyat also. was Sadah - like other cities of the coastal strip in Dhofar - commercial plant to assemble and export of gum to global markets in antiquity, through its port - Sadah and Hasik - who are distinguished by location private, which is a natural protection and refuge for ships storms, and is fortified landmark archaeological enjoy style traditional Omani castles with architectural character distinct how old is a shield to protect the small town of external threats., and to the east of the Sadah about 7 kilometers away, there is the city of "camp" ancient, and there's Procuratorate Hasik remnants of ancient city, In addition to the presence of the tomb of Nabi Saleh N. Hood slope of Mount "news" East on behalf of "Hdben." In addition to these ancient sites, and the shrine, enjoy the mandate of Sadah beaches and bays and capital freely, and a lot of eyes water like eye "invoked", which is the main source of fresh water of the city, and also named "Gheit water." In addition to the caves scattered in the mountains and valleys. Was the jurisdiction of Sadah their appropriate share of development projects during the years of the Renaissance, where there is a hospital room for twenty beds, and is equipped with medical devices modern, rays, laboratories, and others, to meet the needs of the citizens there, as well as no crew emergency technician specialist., and there are three health centers in each of the Hasik - towards - and Hdben, all of which are equipped with medicines and necessary medical equipment and specialists. in the state of Sadah 9 schools for all the various stages of education, and three administrative centers, and there are branches of government agencies such as electricity, water and telephone, and a police station, In addition to the veterinary clinic and workshop freely and ice factory. includes the state of Sadah number of trades and industries and traditional arts come in the forefront to extract frankincense and collected, and fishing, due to the repercussions of economic good comes craft dive to extract the mollusks and especially "abalone". It is practiced by the people of the industries that the state: Industry sea cages - fishing nets - tanning - extraction of gypsum - Saviac industry, pottery, knitting

Dhalkut terrain naturally combines the heights of the green mountains on one side, and proximity to the beaches bordering the Arabian Sea on the other, in addition to the many caves and natural, which was an old shelter for humans and animals in the face of the vagaries of weather and has now become her eyes and beaches and green mountains of the sights and tourist attractions in the state.

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Entdecken Sie mit uns die Schönheit und Einzigartigkeit von Salalah und der Umgebung. Alle Touren werden mit den Gästen persönlich besprochen und individuell geplant.

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