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Dream Team Vacations by Glenn and Andrea Pleeter
Dream Team Vacations by Glenn and Andrea Pleeter
Lancaster, Chestnut Ridge
Sell My Miles
Sell My Miles
178 NY-59 #305,, Monsey
iFlow Yoga
iFlow Yoga
7 Swan Hollow Ct, Ramsey
Plan It Rite
Plan It Rite
2 Jon Leif Ln, Spring Valley
High 'N Low Travel Inc.
High 'N Low Travel Inc.
11 Main St, Monsey
Oceanwave Travel
Oceanwave Travel
395 Cambridge Dr, Ramsey
Dimal Travel Company USA, Inc.
Dimal Travel Company USA, Inc.
25 Robert Pitt Dr, Ste 204, Monsey
After All These Years Senior Concierge Services
After All These Years Senior Concierge Services
163 Parkside Dr, Suffern
Gfocus Travel INC
Gfocus Travel INC
27 Kennedy Dr, Spring Valley
Big Red Shorts
Big Red Shorts
135 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Montvale
Kosher Luxury Travel
Kosher Luxury Travel
Perillo's Learning Journeys
Perillo's Learning Journeys
Perillo Plaza 577 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Woodcliff Lake
Coveted Journeys
Coveted Journeys
5 Paragon Drive, Nashville
Perillo Tours
Perillo Tours
577 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Woodcliff Lake
Garriga Travel
Garriga Travel

Travel Agency. " WHEN YOU SAY YOUR SURFING IT SHOULD BE ON THE OCEAN NOT ON THE WEB" Let me do the research for you.

Operating as usual


St. Kitts and Nevis Target October for Reopening Borders

St. Kitts & Nevis target October.

travelmarketreport.com Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris also announced that The St. Kitts Marriott Resort and Park Hyatt St. Kitts will reopen in October 2020.


Hawaii May Delay Tourism Reopening – Again

Hawaii may delay.

travelmarketreport.com Hawaii may once again push back the Sept. 1 launch of its pre-arrival testing program.


U.S. Virgin Islands Reverses Course, Closes Doors to Tourism Again

USVI closes borders.

travelmarketreport.com USVI will go back to its “stay-at-home” phase of its COVID-19 response for the next two weeks, when it will reevaluate the decision.  


Two tourist vessels, two completely different ways of managing the pandemic

So glad my clients didn't travel to US Niagara Falls! https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/niagara-falls-canada-and-us-pandemic-handling-differences/index.html

cnn.com These two tourist vessels at Niagara Falls show how Canadian and US operators are taking very different approaches to handling the coronavirus pandemic


14-Day Travel Quarantine Coming To NY, NJ, And CT | One Mile at a Time

onemileatatime.com New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are imposing 14 day quarantines for visitors from states with high rates of COVID-19.

[06/18/20]   A fellow travel agent is in Jamaica and summarized the airport experience. For those who are interested . The is what she went thru.

Hello all. This is your fellow travel specialist, Suzanne Sellers owner of SuzyDee Travel, LLC based in Chicago.

I’m in Montego Bay, Jamaica right now, staying at Sandals Montego Bay. I arrived June 17, 2020 and I leave Jamaica on June 21, 2020.

Just some quick details:

Lots of tourists are in Jamaica, plane was full.

Expect 1 to 1.5 hour processing time at Sangster Airport upon arrival.

Jamaican government has taken lots of health precautions for safety of tourists.

When you get off plane, you’re asked to stand in a line, you have to wear your mask and sanitize your hands when you get to front of line.

You sit at a table, where a health professional asks you a number of health related questions and fills out a form. You have to wear your mask and sanitize your hands.

You then take that form to a second table, where another health professional asks you more health related questions and fills out another form. You have to wear your mask and sanitize your hands.

You then take those forms to an agent in a military like uniform who is sitting in a booth, who asks you a number of health related questions and reviews your passport and forms. You have to wear your mask and sanitize your hands.

You then go to a third table where a third health professional asks you a number of health related questions. You have to wear your mask and sanitize your hands.

You then go to customs and get your passport checked.

You then go outside to a covid testing station where a doctor swabs your nose and throat. You have to sanitize your hands, before and after the covid test.

After your covid test, you are then allowed to go to the airport lounge of the resort property where you’ll be staying, and personnel from the resort drives you in a car from airport to the resort.

You have to stay at the resort for 48 hours until your negative test result comes back. — at Sandals Montego Bay.


Aruba Announces Reopening Dates for International Travelers - Recommend

Updated Aruba Info

recommend.com Aruba has announced the country will officially reopen its borders and welcome inbound travel for visitors, with U.S. beginning July 10.


Travel Advisors Talk Service Fees

I won't charge fees!

travelmarketreport.com Advisors talking to TMR describe the case for, and against, charging fees

[06/02/20]   Information Update June 1st, 2020, 20:00 AST- Aruba
No change – zero active cases. Aruba enters Level 3 of local economy reactivation.
The number of active positive COVID-19 coronavirus cases remains at zero with total persons recovered at 98. Aruba’s total cases to date remains at 101. The number of quarantined persons has increased by 3 to 164. There have been 3 deaths confirmed related to COVID-19. No persons have been tested since yesterday – total persons tested to date is 2134. There are no inconclusive test results at this time.
As of June 1, Aruba is now in Level 3 of reactivating the local economy.
As of today, the following establishments will be allowed to reopen:
– Lottery sales outlets (until 6:30pm)
– Restaurants (inside seating) and bars. Patrons allowed until 10pm.
– Spas, Massage salons and saunas
Casinos and nightclubs are not allowed to reopen just yet.
All hygiene and social distancing (1.5 to 2 meters recommended) protocols continue to be obligatory. Persons who feel unwell should stay home and call their doctor for testing and further instructions.
Prime Minister:
Monday, June 8th, Kindergarten and Elementary schools are allowed to fully open.
Protocols are being finalized so all sectors can be in compliance.
Official date for the reopening of the border has not been made yet, and will be announced when appropriate. Government is making sure protocols are in place to ensure a responsible decision.
There is no guarantee that there will not be new positive cases. Therefore the Government needs to carefully determine next steps.
Community is urged to be disciplined with the physical distancing and hygiene measures, to lower risk for Aruba.
All advice received, including from The Netherlands Health Dept, is that it’s safe for kids to return to school.
The risk for imported cases is present once border opens, both from visitors as well as residents that will travel. Entry protocols will apply to both.
Residents that choose to travel need to take responsibility for their safety.
Aruba is better prepared now to handle cases after border opens. There are measures that DVG can recommend to the government prior to requiring a second lockdown.
Chief of Police:
The police force was alarmed by community behavior since curfew was canceled
20 accidents reported
Excessive use of alcohol, domestic violence, and public disorder
Establishments that are not complying with the closing time of 10pm
Community needs to act responsibly
Image may contain: text that says 'UPDATE'

Working today I was looking around my office ( my happy place that my husband built) only to see so many things that inspire me! Hope you like them too!

[05/29/20]   Very successful day! Clients booked Resort and Air with Beaches Turks and Caicos, arrival August 10, rescheduled to October 27,2020. Sandals kept all their promotions and the Resort and Air changes went smooth. Same category and they are saving $5,000. Win win! Thank you Sandals for making my clients stress less!

Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association - AHATA

Slow start expected at Queen Beatrix International Airport✈

Read More: http://ow.ly/OtDc30qHa6o


JetBlue Continues Commitment to Blocking Middle Seats in New ‘Safety from the Ground Up’ Program

Safety first :)

blueir.investproductions.com Health and Safety Program Layers in a Series of Protections for Crewmembers and Customers Throughout the Travel Journey NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU) today announced it will extend through the July 4 holiday its commitment to seat distancing by blocking middle seats in rows wher...


Aruba Announces Nationwide Health and Safety Protocols Ahead of Summer Arrivals

Aruba is Planning their reopening!!!!

prnewswire.com /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A) and the Department of Public Health announced the 'Aruba Health & Happiness Code,' a stringent...


The only thing that matters to us … is YOU. #OnlyYou

There’s one thing bigger than anything we do in Las Vegas: YOU. When it comes to your health and safety in this unprecedented time, #OnlyYou matter and nothi...

This is us!!!

Who is Maryanne Konkowski?

"We are keeping our sanity by cooking a lot, learning on-line courses and our weekly ride to nowhere (never get out of the car). Our wish for the community is to be healthy, smart and safe. This virus has no conscience."

- Maryanne, Owner of Happy Traveling

[email protected] - Contact us!

[04/30/20]   Getting Married? Having a Baby? Special Anniversary Coming up? We all have special days that probably wont be celebrated as we wish we could but i's a great time to think about celebrating when this is over! As a US Virgin Island Specialist, I would suggest planning a trip to the US Caribbean Islands- No Passport Needed, Non-stop flights from most US cities, Family Friendly and Award winning Beaches. Send me a message or email me [email protected]. Lets plan your celebration!
#stthomas #stjohn #stcroix #usvi #usvirginislands

Great news for travelers who want to plan ahead! Note if you do cancel your funds are deposited to a travel bank for future use. But if you are thinking of a trip now is a great time to get the low fares!

We’re waiving all change and cancel fees for both new and previously booked travel thru 1/4/21, for any tickets purchased before 5/31. See details > https://www.jetblue.com/travel-alerts

Queen Beatrix International Airport

In preparation for a possible restart:
AUA Airport refining its Restart Phasing Plan

ORANJESTAD – Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA), has started preparing for a possible restart. The restart of a regular airport operation depends on several factors, most importantly the decision by the Government of Aruba to allow again for commercial air travel to and from Aruba. However, AAA has prepared a plan to be able to receive in a safe and controlled way (in first instance small volumes) regular scheduled air traffic as of the 1st of June 2020.

The restart plan delineates four different phases and entails procedures, processes, and other actions necessary for an operational restart. Possible entry/travel/health requirements and measures of local and international authorities, airlines and the Aruba Government will be considered and implemented throughout the phasing of this restart plan.

The defined four phases are the “Pre-restart phase”, the “Soft-Restart phase”, the “Close-to- normal operation phase” and the “Business as usual phase”. AAA has initiated the Pre-Restart phase on April 23, 2020 and hopes to start the Soft-restart Phase on June 1, 2020. In the Pre-Restart phase AAA will implement all kinds of measures on the airport premises to be able to safely handle passengers and scheduled commercial air traffic. These measures entail for example signage to guide passengers, personnel and other airport users in social distancing, capacity restrictions, transparent shields on check-in desks, marking of queueing areas, one-way corridors and adjustment of the airport’s belt assignment policy.

These measures must lead to a safe and controlled operation of small volumes of passengers and aircraft in the Soft-Restart phase. In the “Close-to-normal operation phase” and, further ahead in the “the business-as usual-phase”, volumes can be scaled up.

By this phased approach AAA can and will continuously adapt and make necessary changes based on knowledge and experience from the previous phases as well as on the lessons learned at other airports in the world which are already further in their recovery process.

“While we all might hope for a speedy return to our normal operations with pre-COVID volumes, we must be aware that this might not happen in a few months. It is hard to predict at this point in time when the Business-as-usual phase will be reached but a full recovery can take a long time. We have now a responsible plan in place to pick operations back up step by step, in the safest way as possible and in compliance with all travel and health requirements. Whilst we await the Government of Aruba’s announcement of the date for the reopening of our borders, we will in the meantime be ready for this new chapter as of the 1st of June. We do count on the cooperation of all employees, stakeholders and partners to achieve all the objectives of each phase”, said AAA CEO Joost Meijs.

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Meals for Frontline Healthcare Workers Suffern NY organized by Daniel Coviello

gofundme.com Let show gratitude for the frontline healthcare heroes working aro… Daniel Coviello needs your support for Meals for Frontline Healthcare Workers Suffern NY

Updates from Carnival Cruise line.

Important update for guests on select future sailings.


Virgin Voyages Brand Brochure

I no one is thinking vacation but when this is over we all will need one. Here is a look at the New Virgin Cruises.

issuu.com Virgin Voyages Brand Brochure


As Coronavirus Impacts Travel, the Benefits of Booking With a Travel Agent Becomes Clear

I'm hoping this quick read will help you make the decision, next time you want to book a trip consider your travel agent. When she says it would be a good idea to get the travel insurance, trust her. The last thing she wants is for you ever nee to use it. But if you do, you will thank her.

travelpulse.com No matter the crisis, a travel agent always has your back.


TSA Will Accept Expired Driver Licenses During COVID-19 National Emergency

Important REAL ID information

travelmarketreport.com The TSA, and DHS, have also considered pushing back the REAL ID deadline in light of disruptions. 


Bookit.com Becomes First OTA Casualty from COVID-19 Travel Shutdown

travelmarketreport.com Stranded travelers are furious to find the online travel agency’s call centers are closed, and that the company is not assisting in saving their vacations or processing refunds.

Just thought I’d lighten the mood!


Aruba Government Suspends All Inbound Travel by Non-Residents

Important news from Aruba.

travelpulse.com This is effective immediately.

Happy Traveling


Should I Cancel My Vacation Due to Coronavirus?

Stay safe! Take the insurance!

aarp.org Whether your trip involves a cruise, a flight or purchasing travel insurance, read this guide to help make an informed decision about your future vacation.�


JetBlue Suspends Fees in Light of Coronavirus Concerns - Recommend

Thank you JetBlue

recommend.com Given growing concerns regarding coronavirus, JetBlue will suspend change and cancel fees for new flight bookings from February 27, through March 11, 2020.


Four Things You Should Know About Real ID


traveltrivia.com It seems everyone's talking about the October 1, 2020, deadline for Real ID compliance. However, did you know that requirements concerning this new form of identification date back to 2005? If you're undecided about applying for a Real ID, knowing these four things may help. Venue Access Limitations...

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