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best tour website i have seen for Armenia! well done!
Моя Армения Пускай так мал на карте мира, И облик мой похож на сына, Смотрящий вдаль - к земле отцов. Пришёл тот день и сила воспарила, И гордо встал тот воин-сын, Сын той земли, Давида сын, Земли начала жизни сей, И Арарат сверкнул пред ним ! Ведь он защитник света жизни - За убиенных отомстит, Вернёт он отчий дом свой прежний, Врагов своих испепелив !
Wery beautiful

Spend your Holiday in Armenia ! We are a small company, based in Yerevan, that delivers the outstanding combination of adventure and recreational activities.

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Powered Paragliding

Paragliding is number ONE outdoor activity in Armenia ❣

Armenia - Must Visit Country ❤

Let's travel to Armenia in WINTER ❄☃

Skiing, paragliding, longest cable car, zip line, horseback riding and much more...😉📸

Adventure starts now❗

Important facts about Armenia

Must Visit Country ♥
Credit: Beeline Armenia

#2 reason to visit Armenia!!!

The heritage of UNESCO Holy Echmiadzin is also the first state church of the world. It was build in the IV century and now is the headquarter of all churches on the territory of Armenia.

ՅՈՒՆԵՍԿՕ-ի համաշխարհային ժառանգություն ՝ Մայր Աթոռ Սուրբ Էջմիածինը աշխարհի առաջին պետական եկեղեցին է։ Այն կառուցվել է IV դարում և հիմա Հայ Առաքելական եկեղեցու հոգևոր և վարչական կենտրոն է։

#1 reason to visit Armenia!!!

Did you know that WINGS OF TATEV is the longest invertible aerial tramway built in one section? Tatever holds the record for longest non-stop double track cable car - the line length is 5,7 km!!

Իսկ դուք գիտեի՞ք, որ Տաթևի Թևերը աշխարհի ամենաերկար հետադարձ կապով ճոպանուղին է, որը կառուցված է միայն մի հատվածով։

Գծի երկարությունը 5,7 կմ!!!

Մոտենում են հանգստյան օրերը՝ ժամանակն է պարապլանով թռչելու!!

Weekends are coming and it's time to have a paragliding flight!!!


A freelancer journalist is required to write about Adventurous Armenia!

-willing to work with a team
-knowledge of Armenian,English and Russian languages
-adventure lover

Write a short original article (in English) about the last video on our page and send with your CV to [email protected]

The deadline is 30.06.2017

Summer!! It means that the time for adventurous tours and paragliding flights over Sevan lake has already come :)

Spend your holidays and implement one point of a must-do activities in Armenia with us.

They discover Armenia in a different way ;)
It's just amazing!

Tour to Khor-Virap-Noravank-Areni winery-Tatev monastery

Khor-Virap. The best place to admire biblical mt. Ararat. According to the history, St. Gregory the Illuminator, the Baptist of Armenia, had been kept in Khor-Virap, in the basement about 13 years for the spreading the Christianity in the country, but then, king Tiridates III, after miracle recovery, imprisoned Gregory the Illuminator, and adopted the Christianity, and thus Armenia became the first country to accept Christianity.

Areni winery is famous for its different kinds of quality wines, here tasting is free of charge, ad every one can choose the best type and buy it.

Noravank monastery complex is one of the picturesque places in the south of Armenia. It consists of 3 churches unique in their architecture styles. The road to the complex follows a river canyon with stunning terrain and spectacular volcanic rock formations. There are many ancient caves in the canyon, and some of them are possible to enter in (for more information,please,contact us).

Tatev monastery is must see place in Armenia. Taking the longest cable car in the world above the gorge,admiring the unforgettable scenery, we get to Tatev monastery. Tatev Monastery was built in 9th century. It is one of the oldest monastery complexes in Armenia,it was a vital scholastic, enlightenment and spiritual center and played a singular role in the country’s history.
for more information visit website

Devil's bridge caving

This trip starts with sightseeing in Noravank monastery and Tatev monastery and a ride on Wings of Tatev-the longest ropeway in the world. Then will continue caving in Devil’s Bridge, which is situated in the narrowest and deepest part of Vorotan Gorge. This natural bridge is 30m long and here is the point where travellers can enjoy the splendid view of Vorotan gorge. Devil’s Bridge is a gorge partitioned by the rock fallen from the top. The rock blocked the flow of the river, and the river, in it’s turn, broke a pass beneath this lump, and as a result cave rooms have been made, by the walls of which mineral water flows down forming natural baths with warm water. Truly beautiful place, and to see all the rooms and go through the whole passage with the guide, is necessary to go into the river, sometimes swim. The complexity is low and accessible to everyone, even for clumsy people. Passage in a cave is a true adventure. The entire route takes 2-2.30 hours, but, if desired, it is possible to shorten it. A full itinerary complete soaking in the river, at a short route-partial.
for more information visit website

Jeep Tour to Smbataberd-Tsakhats Qar Monastery

Smbataberd is believed to be founded in 5th century, however it reached its maximum capacity of fortification in 10th century. It was connected with Tsakhats Kar monastery by an underground water-supplying pipe. It is not yet clear how exactly and when the fort was demolished: one of the options says that Seljuq turks used a thirsty horse to sniff out the pipeline and cut off the water supply and then demolished it. Another theory suggests that the fort was destroyed during Mongol invasion.
The route starts from Yerevan by 4×4 comfortable car. On the way it’s possible to stop in Khor Virap, then drive to village of Yeghegis to Smbataberd fortress. The group will then continue its way to Tsakhats Kar monastery (10th century). Our next stop will be at Shatin observation point to see Bezoar Ibex on the opposite side of the gorge.
for more information visit website

Tour to Saghmosavank-Amberd fortress-Kari lake

Saghmosavank monastery complex was built in 1215 by the princely family of Vachutyans in the village of Saghmosavank just above the deep gorge of Qasagh River which provides additional beauty and charm to the monastery. It is located only 35 kilometers from capital Yerevan, and it takes around 35-40 minutes to get there by car.

Our next stop is Amberd fortress which means “fortress in the clouds”. Currently a ruined fortress of Amberd used to be one of the primary military-defensive points of the Armenian Kingdom. It is situated on the slopes of Mt. Aragats at 2,300 meters above sea level and was built in the XI-XIII centuries. During the March-July period the whole entire territory around the castle is being covered with numerous flowers, which make the fortress castle appear full of life and spirits.

Kari lake is the highest lake in Armenia, it is situated on mt. Aragats and the Altitude is 3400 m above sea level. The lake is formed from ice, the water is cold all year around and most of the year it is surrounded by snow, which brings absolute happiness to everyone who wants to enjoy snow.
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How our tourists spend their time in Armenia.

Tour to Garny-Geghard- Stones’ Symphony

Garni is located in Kotayk region. It is famous for its beautiful mountainous view and also for its pagan Temple. It is classical Hellenistic temple and the only and the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia.

Many tourists visit Garni and Geghard, but skip visiting the Garni Gorge, as the buses cannot drive down the steep and rough road and it is necessary to walk a bit. But it's worth to go down by suitable car and see a unique magnificent natural sheer vertical well-preserved basalt cliff, so called - the "Symphony of the Stones", as it looks like an organ (musical instrument).

Have you ever tried tandem paragliding? So it's time to implement one point of must-do activities in a life time. 🔝
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Seeking for adventure? So this is your tour.

Our trip starts from Khor Virap - a monastery located in Ararat plain near the border with Turkey. Khor Virap is famous with its historical notes connected with Gregory the Illuminator who was imprisoned here for 14 years and with it's best view of the mt. Ararat.

Our next step is Areni wine village. Armenia is famous for its unique wine-makers. Wine-making in Armenia arises from the ancient times. Bright example for it is Areni village best known for its wine production. Right in the factory the visitors can taste different types of wine and even buy the favorite one.

Smbataberd fortress - our next destination, which is a part of our off-roading trip and is located upon the crest of a hill between two villages. The breathtaking nature view opening from the walls of the fortress is worth to be seen. And finally we get to Tsakhac Kar monastery located on the high fortress keeping the history of some of the biggest battles in Armenia since 10th century.
For more information visit our website #GlideAdventure

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do. A rush, a thrill, a new hobby, a way to feel free and individual, a way to meet like minded people and fly to places only the birds would normally see. 🔝
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Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known by each of you...

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Get rid of an everyday routine and plunge into the atmosphere of happiness with Glide Adventures 🛤️🔝💭

The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes 'sight-seeing. So let's become a crazy traveler ⛰️

You may think it's somewhere in any beautiful Neverland but it's in Armenia. 🔜 Once our instructor Armen made an incredibly altitude record of 5364 metres! 🔝

No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. It inspires confidence at once.☁☀

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Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. 🔝⚫
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Keep calm and be ready to fly like a bird...

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Glide Adventures

Glide Adventures

Colorful Nepal

Մեր անմոռանալի ճամփորդությունը դեպի Նեպալ, դիտեք և նախանձեք 8-) Իսկ մեր նոր ուղղությունն է Ֆիլիպիններ :) Ճանապարհորդության մանրամասները կարող եք կարդալ հետևյալ իվենթի էջում ;) Թող այժմ Ձեզ նախանձեն ;)

Our trip to Nepal was unbelievable and most colorful trip in our life. We were there on February 2014 and will never forget that trip. Many thanks to Scott Mason…

Unforgettable journey to Nepal

Attention !!
Here we go )))
Watch the coolest video-story of our Nepal trip))
Hope you will join us next time :)

Our trip to Nepal was unbelievable and most colorful trip in our life. We were there on February 2014 and will never forget that trip. Many thanks to Sanjib ...

Annecy, France
pure beauty :) join and share with us this unforgettable journey :)

մեր խելահեղ ու սիրուն ճամփորդությանը մնացել է շատ քիչ ժամանակ, ո՞վ է միանում

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