Arara - Tours to Caucasus

Arara - Tours to Caucasus

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Հայկական Երուսաղեմ/Armenian Jerusalem/Армянский Иерусалим
Հայկական Երուսաղեմ/Armenian Jerusalem/Армянский Иерусалим
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Wir hatten wunderbare zwei Wochen mit Sipan und Artak und wurden von Arara super betreut. Armenien lohnt sich.
welcome to Nepal for tour and Trekking more information please visit tour company website : www,
beautiful stone church
I absolutely love Armenia! Arara Tours made my visit not only enjoyable but very informative. Our guide Raffi was so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the culture and history of Armenians. I loved visiting the monasteries and cultural sites. With the exception of a problem with my hotel the first night (Lusine personally took care of it to my great satisfaction 😊) everything went extremely well. Thank you Arara Tours for my wonderful vacation!
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In Armenia old Ladas never die they just become retaining walls.

Arara Tour is a tour operator in Caucasus that has been working in a tourism market for already 6 years. ARARA is a tour operator in the Caucasus that has been working in tourism for already 6 years.

In a relatively short period of time, we developed unique tour packages to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. As creative pioneers, we continue to expand the services we offer for you to have a beneficial choice as a traveler. We help also our local partners, food, transport and accommodation suppliers to keep growing with the aim to meet international standards. ARARA stands out among the long list of agencies in the Caucasus. We do combine in the package your expectations and local flavor for you to have real-life experience. That's why our company will be an ideal choice for you. The finest outcome we have is our story behind the walls, which began 6 years ago in a small room called ARARA office with a team of 3 members. 6 years of constant efficient work has produced the expected results. Today the best tourism specialists of our country are engaged with Arara, making complete our team of nearly 100 tourism experts, tour leaders, mountain guides, travel writers, drivers, etc. Every year we serve more and more thousands of travelers who spontaneously leave their feedback on our social channels, such as G+, Facebook, TripAdvisor. Moreover, we never get stuck in the same place. We are proud to remark that all our Georgian packages are being operated by our own company in Tbilisi. ARARA is growing more and more and none of our team members ever stops working on his/her own communication, problem-solving skills, professionalism and enthusiasm to work. What is our inspiration? We are certain about and definitely say, satisfied traveler, who takes good memory home and spreads sentiment on our region and specific service. We strongly believe that only delving into local traditions, culture, tasting homemade food can provide real-life experience. Our passion is to transfer you to a completely new, deep spiritual and cordial world of the Caucasus. This makes one return home with a real sense of Caucasus with breathtaking landscapes, age-old history, hearty warmness of locals, with a burning desire to be back once in the future.

Mission: What’s our inspiration? There is only one possible answer to this question – You, each of You – our valued travelers’ appraisal increases our immense motivation to work more efficiently to offer you the best possible tour options, through which you will have the chance to delve into local unique traditions, cultures, cuisine, people’s lifestyles – anything that contributes to its unique identity. Our philosophy and main function is to transfer you to a completely new, different, spiritual and breath-taking world of the Caucasus, so as you will get home with a real sense of what these countries and their history are all about and have the burning desire to return again

Operating as usual

Armenian businesses record success on international level

Find 👇some interesting info about Armenian businesses that have recorded success on an international level in this post.

The list includes some competitive companies and startups taking Armenian entrepreneurship to new heights. We are happy to be among them. Armenia is known to be a great country with smart opportunities. In spite of the difficulties in the economy, the government and private sector work hard on developing high-tech and business development. With low taxes, educated and low-cost labor, and an investment-friendly environment Armenia enjo...

Yerevan included in National Geographic 2020 Cool List for travel

The Armenian capital city of Yerevan was included in National Geographic 2020 Cool List for travel. Some of the reasons mentioned are the rich past, the distinctive cuisine and millennia-old wine traditions. The recently launched affordable Ryanair and Wizz Air flights have also been considered.

Well, the pandemic has made changes to the travel plans of any person on the planet this year. But hope this info will motivate for your future travel 👇

#ArmeniaTravel YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 5, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian capital city of Yerevan is among the world’s 20 destinations selected by National Geographic for its 2020 Cool List – a list of cities and countries “you should have on your travel horizon”.

Covid-19: A bridge for business opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic has left no industry untouched. The tourism industry as well as many others have faced a large-scale crisis. So, what is the right strategy for business companies now? Find some curious answers in this article 👇 Covid-19: A bridge for business opportunities

Thanks to our lovely and loyal travelers our company became TRAVELERS CHOICE 2020 in #TripAdvisor. With each review we keep improving our services and succeeding in our work. Your positive feedback is the key to our motivation.
#Arara team is grateful to have you and we are always ready to welcome you again in Caucasus region! Stay safe till we meet again!

Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan tours. Travel to Caucasus with Arara.

Watch the video to see the advantages of traveling to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan with local travel company. Traveling with Arara you will get wide range of trips to Caucasus, high quality service and best price in the market. The proof of our success is 99% positive feedback on social platforms like TripAdvisor, Google+ and Facebook. Enjoy hospitable Armenia, delicious Georgia and modern Azerbaijan with a local tour company.

Have you ever been to a region which involves ancient history, mind blowing landscapes, delicious traditional food and wine, unique and exceptional architecture, UNESCO monuments? If not, then Caucasus region is waiting for you! Look at this breathtaking and astonishing nature, can’t resist to buy a ticket and fly here, right? We promise, to welcome you in our hospitable region and help you to make unforgettable memories in The Caucasus, as soon as everything gets back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, stay positive and most importantly stay safe! Can’t wait to see you here!

This is Ara, our archaeologist guide who is also fond of hiking, so traveling with Ara is always fun and interesting at the same time. If you ask him about his job as a guide he will give you thousand of reasons why he chose this job. He always says that Travelling to Armenia is always fun, even for a very experienced tourist. And when people, foreign and locals, speak about this country, the very first things or sightseeing locations they mention are monasteries, churches and fortresses, which we have more than enough, thank God. And all the classic routes are full of them, sometimes you will visit three monasteries per day, which is too much, even for very religious and spiritual people. And surely you’ll get bored. So, he thinks that for the complete understanding of the country it is better to include some hiking or trekking routes in your itinerary, not very difficult ones.
And Geghama mountain shield or range, just in the middle of the country, is the most gorgeous landscape in Armenia in Ara’s honest opinion. More than 30 dead volcanoes, green meadows, crater lakes, campsites of semi-nomadic tribes, wild and domestic animals, rivers and swamps, prehistoric monuments – rock paintings and dragon stones (by the way, this type of pre-Christian monuments are really unique and you can find them only in Armenia, nowhere else). All these things make Geghama mountains really picturesque and the amazing thing is that in July or August it’s possible to see slopes under the white snow, reddish ground burned by a volcano, blue mirrors of cosy lakes..... all the colours of Mother nature’s palette

There are many reasons to love Armenia especially if you are a guide. Being a guide in Armenia means that you are diagnosed with un incurable obsession towards your country and of course Ani is no exception. If you ask her what She likes the most in Armenia then She’ll say it's all about her feelings and sensations. Ani loves the feeling of an endless space when you glare down from a peak of a mountain, the view of the colorful flower-carpets of daisies, poppies, forget-me-nots and lavenders in the fields and the smell of wild mint and thyme when you hike on the slopes, the lively chirping of the birds, the smell of burnt incense hitting her nose when She enters a church in the morning, the sound of spiritual songs ringing inside thousand years old monasteries, the warmth of people who see you with your huge backpack and invite you for a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of homemade juice with their garden fruits and freshly baked pies, She likes the feeling of being so proud while sharing stories about the unbreakable spirit of her nation coping and eventually winning towards the difficulties of history. All the corners are special for her. Although She works as a guide for more than 10 years She rediscovers Armenia every day!

Something interesting is coming up 😊 Prepare yourselves to be amazed!

Haykuhi is one of our best guides in Armenia! She is a professional English speaking tour guide since 2014 and she is a lovely member of Arara. She thinks that Armenia is the most exciting country in the world not only for a tour guide but also for every tourist with even a little interest in history, archeology or arts. As a native and as a professional tour guide She is proud and happy to show the beauties of the country and unveil the secrets of the most beautiful, artsy and intriguing country in the world.
She is always Excited to meeting you here in our Armenia!

Vardan is a huge extreme lover. He is always excited to have trips with you. Hi thinks that Armenia is a marvellous country offering unique sight for motorcycling tours․ Imagine looking at the diverse and bizarre views while riding and enjoying one after the other. Regions He likes the most are Tavush, Lori and Syunik remarkable for their winding roads and historical monuments. Who wants to experience this trips full of adrenaline? Travel with Arara and you will have the most unforgettable time in your life!

Meet our tour guide Shushanik. .It’s been already 10 years since she has had an opportunity to introduce Armenia and be a cultural ambassador for foreign guests. She loves her job and her country.There are so many fabulous and hidden corners in Armenia that seeing them is a must. With Shushanik you will have a chance to fly over one of the most beautiful canyons in Armenia, try delicious dishes at traditional restaurants, visit monumental sights and get acquainted with local traditions and ancient history. Travel to Caucasus and enjoy your trips with Shushanik!

Armenia is a small land with extremely huge treasures. This is the land full of mysteries to be explored. There are too many sites of great cultural and historical value, though I can never get enough of Sevan Lake - a wonderful place to feel the mixture of nature and culture, history and heraldry. Here you can enjoy watching this blue jewelry in the heart of the surrounding mountains and talking to the locals while shopping to obtain some handmade simple souvenirs. Visiting Sevan Lake will revive and full you with energy. I will be happy to share all of this with you.


Meet Arthur, our guide and driver from day 1. He’s a rural tourism expert and mountain hiker across Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh, since 2012. He has many favorite places in Armenia, but there are a few places he can’t help falling in love every time he visits. He loves the spectacular Gandzasar monastery, in Nagorno Karabakh which stands still for many centuries.

He just can’t stop admiring the stunning and breathtaking Armaghan mountain and Ducks Lake, Lake Sevan, the pearl of Armenia. Taking selfies and pictures with tourists is his all-time favorite part of the trips. You will always hear “Say – Armenian Cheeeeeese” when he takes pictures.

He had many groups with us, and is still friends with all of the group members. That’s the best achievement any guide can have and Arthur is not an exception!

Arpi is our website manager and content writer. She's been working in Arara for more than 5 years - almost since the company opening! During these years she has written more than 50 articles about Armenia and the Caucasus sharing her love to her homeland. Arpi is so happy when she gets comments from you and learns that the info she shares has been useful.

During the isolation period, she never gives up and continues working on our websites as well as enjoys her hobbies like cooking, exercising and reading psychology books.
She believes that these difficult times will end soon and advises enjoying every moment of life.

This is Mery our operations manager. She is responsible for all the reservations that are being made at Arara. During these days she is rescheduling your trip reservations and hoping that this will end soon so we all can go back to our normal work. Her ability to communicate and negotiate with our partners gives you a chance to stay in best hotels in Caucasus, get excellent service from hotel staff and enjoy your meals in best restaurants. You may not see her in person when you are in Caucasus, but trust us, she is always helping you with your travel operations!

All our customers know how we appreciate honest and detailed feedback. It is very important to us to know all the details about the trips our customers have, as it helps us understand our weak and strong spots. Below you will see statistics of a short survey, which we received from our guests. Every little detail helps us learn which services/hotels/guides/drivers are best. And if there are any even very slight hesitation from our guests, we immediately handle it. If you were one of our travelers, and are interested in sending us your detailed feedback about your trip with Arara, send us a PM and we will provide you the link of the survey!

This is Danforth. Our Francophone tour manager from Montreal but has been living in Yerevan for almost a year now (and loving it). When he's not answering your questions and helping you find your perfect tour, he's usually cooking up a nice meal or planning out a trip of his own.

The past few months haven't been easy for any of us, but his advice is to keep moving forward, as there are always brighter and more beautiful days ahead.

Next up is our youngest employee Eduard Hakobyan who is a professional incoming tour manager at Arara Company. Previously, Eduard worked as an English Teacher in China and had traveled a lot which shaped his view of profession from teaching into tourism industry. Besides all of this Eduard is a great artist and had several exhibitions with his group members in the US and Armenia, he says “when I am facing difficulties, art is the only way that helps me to overcome it”. Many little steps joined one after the other is what makes success possible. Keep doing little stuffs every day and do not give up!

Well who could imagine the entire world will have a disease like this one, entire cities and counties will be locked down, no trips no flights. We are living an interesting time, when we don’t act, stay home but observe much, drill in photos, videos and experiences we had. Time is the same for us to observe the way we passed and share values we believe in.
1. We are client oriented; all our tour managers care about their guests. Our travelers are in fact our guests, almost all of them visit us in Yerevan’s office, spend some time with us, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on our pleasant balcony , They are in contact with our tour mangers via whatsapp, viber, phone calls or email so we actually live with them during their trips.
2. We are flexible; our guests’ wish to add or cut something from the original itinerary is more important than following to it blindly. We understand that people trusted us the most valuable thing they have, their time and we are responsible for it.
3. We analyze and handle feedback; at the end of the season we usually have feedback review and we will share detailed information about the things we learnt, very soon.

And this is Lusine, our Sales executive (the curliest one in the office. 👩🏻‍🦱)
She has been working in Arara for already 4 years now and it is very unusual for her to work from home. She misses the office, her desk, her team members, and most importantly she misses the endless emails from travelers. Over these 4 years she had many travelers from around the world and there was at least one interesting story about each traveler she had. But the most memorable one was about a couple from Canada. They came to Armenia to celebrate their 60th anniversary. They were met at the airport with a glass of champagne and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 💐🥂
Have you traveled with Arara? Share your interesting stories with us in the comments! 👇🏼


This is our lovely tour manager Rima.
Rima's love of travelling helped her to become a tour manager and assist our customers in making decisions about which tour will be the best for them. You should see her joyful dance after every confirmed tour by her! 💃🏻🥰

She is from Gyumri, the cultural city of Armenia. it's spacious streets, picturesque old neighborhoods, numerous museums, unhurried measured life of local residents inspired her to capture surrounding beauty in photos. Her passion is nature and travel photography and one of her biggest dreams is to visit Machu Picchu, Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Some of our website pictures are made by this wonderful lady!

During this unpleasant time, Rima's advice is to keep on dreaming, be patient, stay healthy and everything will fall into place.

Who’s next? Oh, our senior incoming tour manager Tatev! Almost all of her colleagues would note she doesn’t like mornings (mildly putting). The only thing that makes her feel full of life and smile at 9 am are coffee (!) and her tourists’ excitement and joy when visiting her at our headquarter office (!!). As she always says, they are travelers not tourists, always the travelers, who have chosen to explore some hidden treasures of an astonishing region called Caucasus. Just a reminder - it’s the place that has always been on your wish list (somewhere between Asia and Europe).

Ok, but how’s her life now when in self isolation. Not much has changed in the work routine:

✅ Alarm at 8:55
✅ Coffee at 9:00
✅ Work, work, work (with some TV shows in between - The Spy; When They See Us; Twin Peaks; she can go on like this endlessly).

But something very very important is missing, don’t you think?! The travelers! Their smiles, hugs, impressions of locals, country, nature! She misses that a lot waking up at 8:55 am. She is sure the self isolation, the quarantine, social distancing, all of it will end soon. We will get back to our morning coffee and welcoming you in our sunny region full of energy, smiles and beauty!

Meet our gorgeous senior incoming tour manager Sati! Oh, is she even smiling? She claims she has many reasons to. No, she is not exhausted from self-isolation, not bored, and has a lot to do! Looking for the perfect time to get back to your hobbies? This is the perfect time. Sati had tons of movies in the watch list, lots of books in the gallery. The perfect time! Cozy evenings with family members. The perfect time! Had some skills of drawing, painting, playing musical instruments? The perfect time to develop them! Life behind isolation exists and it's so sunny, when one has the right and positive attitude. Busy already with the upcoming trips new destinations? Not a bad idea. Heard about the Caucasus? If not and you are looking for old and rich culture, history, amazingly delicious food and wine, extremely warm, positive and hospitable people, think about the Caucasus region. Sati will be happy to share her knowledge and information about the Caucasus. Everybody, out there, keep safe and enthusiastic! We are to overcome this challenge and get even stronger than ever!

Our Story

We believe in fair business

Our customers are very important to us so we are always dedicated to them. We are committed to being a responsible tour operator in the Caucasus and promoting local communities. We believe in competition. In fact, we love competition as it makes us stronger and encourages our abilities. With ARARA you will feel confidence, trust and commitment. Our tours are carefully made to meet your expectations. Arara travel experts are always there to help you choose the right itinerary and travel in comfortable small groups or private.

When you trust and travel with us

The biggest proof of the trust we have earned is the huge amount of travelers aiming to visit Caucasus through ARARA tour and explore its treasures. This number is rising continuously and steadily. Each traveler’s interests are valuable and reflected by our experts in special tailor-made itineraries. We are always there with 24/7 support and every small issue before and during the tour is solved instantly. In Arara the feedback study is mandatory for improving our service quality.

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