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Punta Jesus Maria, Ometepe IslandPrint
Punta Jesus Maria is a narrow spit of land, formed by water currents and sediments.

Punta Jesus Maria Ometepe Island
In some years during dry season the sand bank juts into the lake for more than 1 km and you can walk to the tip with the water splashing in from both sides. Often there are groups of sea birds resting on the sand.

From the land spit you have a panoramic view of Isla Ometepe with its two volcanoes. A third volcano, the Mombacho, can be seen across the lake on the mainland of Nicaragua.
The curve of beach at Punta Jesus Maria, with its calm and shallow water, is nice for swimming and bathing. A small (ramshack) bar sells cold drinks, you can watch scenic sunsets and it's also allowed to pitch a tent for an overnight stay.

Punta Jesus Maria is a nice half-day trip by bicycle from Moyogalpa or Charco Verde. The turnoff to the beach is 4 km south of Moyogalpa, or 6 km from Charco Verde /San José. Watch out for the billboard which signals the entrance of the 1.5 km alley down to the lake.

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Punta Jesus Maria, Ometepe IslandPrintPunta Jesus Maria is a narrow spit of land, formed by water currents and sediments...

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