Mas por Menos Nicaragua, Masaya Video March 4, 2015, 3:10pm

Videos by Mas por Menos Nicaragua in Masaya. Renting bikes, offering tours

Just a few seconds to enjoy this beautiful species.

Their very active foraging behavior appears to be interrelated with their distinctive social organization. Exceptional among procyonids, coatis are diurnal and for much of the year gregarious. Though females nest, and bear and nurse their young in isolation, shortly after the altricial young become mobile the females aggregate into social groups known as bands. Bands consist of adult females (two or more years old), and sub-adults (1–2 years old) and juveniles (less than 1 year old) of both sexes. At maturity, at two years of age, males are excluded from bands and take up a solitary lifestyle. They are aggressively repelled from bands, except during the mating season when typically one male ingratiates himself to a band through submissive behavior, forages with it for a period of a few weeks, and mates with all of the adult females

Nasua narica, White nosed Coati

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Day 3!!!

While one part of Mas por Menos was working in Granada, the other part had a tour on Omepete Island. The island for a da...

Feeding butterflies

Cinco encuentros salvajes cual es tu favorito ? Comparte y comenta amantes de la naturaleza 😀

The gecko is a reptile species that can eat its own kind. We witnessed this phenomenon just outside our door.

Circuito ciclistico
All the way around Volcan Masaya on the bike visiting Chocoyero reserve. Up and down, rushing down the hills between pin...

.Afternoon tour at Isletas de Granada

Aqui les dejamos un regalo para terminar este fin de semana. Mas por Menos pone mucho importancia en crear un tour lo me...

Just a few seconds to enjoy this beautiful species.Their very active foraging behavior appears to be interrelated with t...

And friends Mas por menos we share them a gift of nature ... nothing beats walking along a path and witness everything ...

Punta Jesus Maria, Ometepe IslandPrintPunta Jesus Maria is a narrow spit of land, formed by water currents and sediments...

You might just see this monkey on one of your tours with Mas por Menos

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