The Nicaraguan travel Planner

Thinking about vacation or Business through Nicaragua? I can Plan your trip according to your needs. serve as your guide and interpreter. Contact: whatsup

we will pick you up at the airport, hotel, etc. and take you to the place you need to go. Also, we can take care of your tour reservations such as Volcano trips, surfing, fishing trips, zip-line, coffee tour, visit folklore city for shopping crafts and more.

Funcionando como de costumbre

How would you feel if you come to nicaragua and hike in the best mountains with lakes and volcanoes? with the best tourist guides certified in this field !

The best options for retired or thinking to move in.

Let your Dreams Guide the adventure !

Helping in Planning your trip around Nicaragua is our joy ! No matter the purpose of your trip.
¡Ayudar a planificar su viaje por Nicaragua es nuestra alegría! No importa el propósito de su viaje.

The Nicaraguan travel Planner

And much more when it is to Nicaragua.!

adventure walking is one of the best options to streesless.

Planning a trip to Nicaragua? let me help you

Do you know these fruits names ? Guess !!

Beautiful, authentic & unique Nicaragua awaits!

Masaya volcano night tour ! Amazing view of the lava. Tour nocturno del volcán masaya. Una vista tremenda de la lava.

Here we go up to the maderas ! In our 4×4 cars ! Acá vanos hacia arriba al maderas .En nuestros 4x4.

Al maderas listos a explorar ! Ready to explore the maderas volcano !

Ometepe island is a paradise in the central of nicaragua lake.

Here we go to maderas volcano waterfall to explore properties ! Acá vamos! Al volcán maderas y su cascada y explorar el sitio.

Ok here we go ! Ometepe island with all crazy tourist around me ! Full House ! Ok acá b vamos ! Isla de Ometepe. Casa llena !! Alrededor de un montón de turistas locos.!

Aquí vamos ! Ahora por Rivas dirigiéndonos a Ometepe ! Here we go now in ricas city ahead to Ometepe island !

The Nicaraguan Travel Planner ! All terrain !

The Nicaraguan Travel Planner ! All terrain !

trabajando y disfrutando del mismo ! conectando ! aconsejando ! visitando ! dejar a mis clientes satisfechos con mi servicio. a la caza de la propiedad perfecta por toda nicaragua.
working and enjoying it! connecting! advising! visiting! leave my customers satisfied with my service. Hunting for the perfect property throughout Nicaragua.

The Nicaraguan travel Planner

Cuando reresas despues de mucho tiempo a tu hotel de preferencia en estelí !! No deseas irte pero hay que continuar con tu viaje, muchas gracias doña marisela! When you comeback to your preferred hotel in estelí city and don't want to leave but you need to continues your trip. Thanks Mrs marisela.

Cuando reresas despues de mucho tiempo a tu hotel de preferencia en estelí !! No deseas irte pero hay que continuar con tu viaje, muchas gracias doña marisela! When you comeback to your preferred hotel in estelí city and don't want to leave but you need to continues your trip. Thanks Mrs marisela.

Acá por jinotega de paso !! Here around jinotega city !

The Nicaraguan travel Planner

The Nicaraguan travel Planner's cover photo

The Nicaraguan travel Planner

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Thinking about vacation or Business through Nicaragua? I can Plan your trip according to your needs. serve as your guide and interpreter. Contact: whatsup

Great and delicious nicaraguan breakfast in masaya city. "El corral"

Six Tips to Finding Affordable Long Term Rentals in Nicaragua
OCT 17

Posted by Elisha & Gordon MacKay
With more and more people relocating to Nicaragua finding a desirable and affordable long term rental isn’t always easy.
Follow these six tips and you might just find your perfect rental today!

Since most locals rent their homes by placing a small “SE ALQUILA” sign on the front of the house get out there every single day and walk the neighborhoods that you’re interested in living in. Properties commonly rent on a month to month basis – so beware – a home that was occupied yesterday may be available today and then gone tomorrow. Remember – you aren’t the only one pounding the pavement – the best deals come and go in the blink of an eye.

Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for rental. Talk to expats and business owners in the area. Post messages in forums and Facebook groups such as Expats of Granada, Life in San Juan del Sur. When we were looking for a long term rental in San Juan del Sur we talked to so many people there were times when random waiters at restaurants would approach us as we were walking by to tell us they had a friend or family member who had a place for rent.

Typically classified ads for long term rentals are posted by foreigners or computer savvy Nicas who expect a higher price for their properties because they know how to market. There are some good deals to be found through classified ads, but the very best opportunities are almost always found through word of mouth or pounding the pavement.

Listed below are a couple classified sites that are worth checking out:

4 Rent in San Juan del Sur

Although most real estate agents and property managers deal almost exclusively with high priced, short term vacation rentals occasionally they do have a gem in their back pocket. On occasion they may have a few sale listings where the seller wants to rent out their home while they wait for a buyer. Visiting local real estate agencies is definitely worthwhile, but consider this option a long shot to finding your rental.

Posting boards are commonly found in bars, restaurants, corner stores, laundry mats, hostels, etc. and are also a good place to find rentals. It’s not uncommon for the business owner to have a home for rent, so don’t forget to enquire with the proprietor and his/her staff.

If you find yourself searching for a rental during slow season and you’re willing to sign a long term lease you may just be lucky enough to negotiate a fair price on a short term rental turning into an affordable long term option. It never hurts to ask.

Need some assistance finding an affordable long term rental? We can help! Check out our Home Finder & Relocation Services page.
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[10/02/17]   Alitle About Nicaragua !!

Nicaragua is Changing for the Better - EscapeArtist

Nicaragua is Changing for the Better !! Many know Nicaragua as one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. Visitors find the low cost of living, the charming culture, and the world of adventure appealing. Nicaragua…

5 Myths About Living in Central America - EscapeArtist

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Presentation of my nephew Sergio Román, Outstanding bartender as hobby and Nurse in west palm beach USA.

Exhibition of paintings, documentary photographs on Masaya, ceramics, painting workshops, sale of artistic materials and souvenirs alluding to the event. Place event: Old railway station.!!

Exposición de pinturas,fotografías documentales sobre Masaya,cerámica,talleres de pintura ,venta de materiales artísticos y souvenirs alusivos al evento.
Lugar del evento: Antigua estación del ferrocarril.

The last 29 it was celebrated, for the first time in history, the International Coffee Day.

According to the International Coffee Organization, September 29 was officially chosen to commemorate this drink to which the majority of the population is hooked. On the occasion of this date will be carried out different actions around the world one of the most outstanding is an international forum to be held in Milan, city taken as the venue of the event. But there are many places around the planet that have joined the commemoration of this date, and is that from today and for many more years.
Let the coffee and caffeine live with your day to celebrate!
In addition, coffee lovers have put their batteries through the day to praise their favorite drink and since early morning International Coffee Day has been trending topic on Twitter with thousands of Internet users writing about the topic and sharing their coffee cups in the different social network
It may take up to four years for a coffee tree to reach its mature production.
Coffee is one of the most commercialized products, after oil.
A coffee plant can live between 60 and 70 years.
Two cups of coffee helps to improve concentration.
Coffee increases the production of substances that stimulate the brain.
Strange as it may seem the coffee is considered as a fruit so the next time you drink a cup of coffee consider it as a healthy juice.
In a spa in Japan there is a treatment where you can swim in coffee.
Flavored coffees (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) originated in the United States in the 70's.

Coffee types

Coffee is a stimulant drink obtained from roasted and ground seeds of the caffeine-containing coffee plant.

At present there is a great variety of coffees produced anywhere in the world:

American Coffees:
From Peru.
From Brazil.
From Mexico.
From Jamaica.
From Costa Rica.
From Guatemala.
From Nicaragua.

Arabian coffee.

African Coffees:
From Tanzania.
From Kenya.
From Ethiopia.

Asian Cafes:
From India.
From Java.
From Sumatra.
Of Celebes.

Hawaiian coffees.

[09/25/17]   Nice city and clime for now ! Ready for our first or day.

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